• Barbatana 2 years ago
    Wow! I love these wooden shelfs:) warm and nice fo interiors:)
  • john_croquet 2 years ago
    Impressive work (like always) ;) Nice towel and basket. Bravo !
  • serpank 2 years ago
    the work was steep, but at once the hidden texture of the tree on the rack rushed
  • Yoogeen 2 years ago
    Very nice and practical, I'm sure many people will need a set!
  • DoCentttt 2 years ago
    Towels terrible turned out.
    • ewwa111 2 years ago
      only towels?
      • DoCentttt 2 years ago
        Ira, well, this is something that immediately rushed into the eyes)
      • Aviato 2 years ago
        Personally, I do not see the point of attacking the author so much ... These remarks are certainly deserved, but the bile is already busting.
        • ewwa111 2 years ago
          and where did you see the bile? nothing personal-statement of fact and nothing more. On the author, no one pounced - and mistakes you yourself admitted that they are.
          • 000111 2 years ago
            about the indentation - it was necessary to perezalivat because of this
  • L.V. 2 years ago
    Frankly, I do not understand mass flattery, when the face is very low quality models. Or do you earn enough money for yourself? Is it difficult to be honest or is it punishable?
    • serpank 2 years ago
      I do not understand you, why should I negate the comment?))
      • L.V. 2 years ago
        To give a short or detailed answer? Or all the same, would you prefer to guess?
    • Filqwerty05 year ago
      and the paths are not cleaned there is a link to the network machine ... and this is an additional time at the start of the render ... seconds for 20 because of this you are precipitated only then the render starts ...
  • miomio 2 years ago
    Forgive me of course, I do not share the general delight: folded towels are simply awful; scarlet (or who is it?) has a thickness of 1 polygon! ... And this is only at first glance.
    The idea is interesting and a set of subjects, and if you modify textures and materials and physically correct models, prices would not be set.
    When the quantity exceeds the quality ...
  • stas-Bananas 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Irina_0307 year ago
    I thank the author for the excellent work!
  • Bombino year ago
    Thank you!
  • kapitan_starodub year ago
    I wonder how this model was moderated? The archive does not contain files for export. There is only max file. The file weight is unnecessarily large.
  • Max Klimanov 4 months ago
    thank you !!!
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