• Ney 2 years ago
    interesting! nice job!
  • Graphicus 2 years ago
    Cool script dude, I wish you to further develop the script and improve it!
  • StunBreaker 2 years ago
    Seldom happens such case - at work with exported objects - such as OBJ or FBX, after application of a script it is possible to see a huge scale of a line. To do this, just do a "Reset XForm" for the object.

    And it is desirable to work in millimeters. (100% working capacity under these conditions)
    • userwww 2 years ago
      And if Reset does not help?
      • StunBreaker 2 years ago
        need screens are better in PM, from the mash with the loop of faces, to the result that turns out .. what version of max?
  • honduras 2 years ago
    Thanks - downloaded, tested - works fine!
  • stas-Bananas 2 years ago
    Thank you !
  • delavera 2 years ago
    Many thanks, we will try!
  • korobkov.pro 2 years ago
    Super well done! Necessary thing!
  • mrbuha 2 years ago
    Many thanks for the wonderful script!
  • StunBreaker 2 years ago
    Thanks to everyone for the good feedback, thanks to you this script got to the 1st place in the 3D model / TOP SALES section. ))

    This is very unexpected for me - thanks again, you very much inspire me to make new and equally interesting scripts)
  • maxvelius 2 years ago
    Thanks for the script! There is a small nuance, on 4k monitors the settings panel of the script is clumsily displayed.
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Thanks to you, up to this point - only 2 people wrote with a similar problem .. everyone had a common root - 4k monitors ..

      Honestly - I can not say that this is a script problem, you need feedback from people with 4k monitors - I hope that the problem is not common. In any case, you need to think about how to overcome it .. it's a pity I do not have such a monitor. =)
  • skilldreamer 2 years ago
    Super! huge spasibische!
  • oas 2 years ago
    StunBreaker, God bless you for this script! you are the best!!:)
  • kiril1g 2 years ago
    StunBreaker seems like the script is working only in millimeters as its supposed to work and not in centimeters. Can you try to adapt it to work in centimeters or maybe an option to choose either mm or cm?

    Regards and keep up the good work
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Yes, that's right, in principle you can always compensate for the proportion by scaling the object .. (Scale).
      If you can show an example of a screenshot - what result do you get, I could give more specific advice for choosing a normal proportion. But for the future, of course you can choose the mode most.)
  • Fixonu4 2 years ago
    On flat surfaces lives his life (
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      you just need to direct the "line" modifier (FFD for example) in the direction you need, in the video tutorial there are these moments.
  • Свитер 2 years ago
    Thank you! Initially, I selected several faces and the script used an error when I applied it. I watched the beginning of the video, the question disappeared.
  • Abdulloh_3D 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • JustFindMe 2 years ago
    You make me redo my stitches on beautiful with your plugin: D thanks :)
  • renderman 2 years ago
    Here such problemka was formed. I can not do anything. The seam is reversed and that's it.http://shot.qip.ru/00QyXq-13pgxjEUB/ 
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      Good time:
      The first that rushes - in appearance the seam looks not in size: (sensation that the density of points did not suffice)

      What is the size of the object? (if it's cute little - it can cause such behavior) for example 20x20mm
      System measurements preferably in mm use. so as not to increase or decrease the scale in relation to mm.

      It is also worth trying to apply the "Reset XForm" to the object, then the collapse in EditablePoly .. Also check the points near the faces - are there any nesvedenyh points among them ... but this is an extreme)

      let me know if none of this has helped.
      ps Judging by the grid (it is uniform and it's good) it should all work out with a bang.
      • renderman 2 years ago
        The real object is 1000 by 500 mm. All in mm. Reset was doing. Turns out all the same. Nothing helps. And there are difficulties with the settings. When you put a greater thickness of the thread, the distance between the stitches decreases and everything merges into one line.
        • StunBreaker 2 years ago
          It's possible that you have a small grid density, try to make these stitches in the final stage of modeling .. I mean when the model is ready and you can throw modifiers on it TurboSmooth + EditPoly ..

          If again nothing works out - you can send me a model for testing (not necessarily all, you can tear off part of the model .. or a loop of polygons in a circle)
  • strong.archebald 2 years ago
    alas, but as always better hands (jamb for jambs. for some reason, the form does not take, or does it logically another .. the idea is good, but how to say the computer still have to get it right because it goes faster with your hands ((
    • StunBreaker 2 years ago
      do anything thoughtlessly believe. ) Watch the video lesson, or write in a personal that does not work ..
  • tolka.tolik 2 years ago
    The script uniquely saves time and will be very much to the point in the toolkit) Thanks to the author, I hope soon to be improved)
  • GrafRaven 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • uivfig 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • nicoartpro 2 years ago
    as always new infuriates then you get used to it
    does not take much if you do a little at all perfectly
    but how to correct this finally can joke, stupidly ffd and in the direction of what darn you throw and all the fire! =)
    but in the beginning, of course, I voted a little
    and so the thing is clear
  • Kostafly 2 years ago
    Unfortunately does not work in 2018
  • Salvator year ago
    Thank you! Helps in work.
  • StunBreaker year ago
    For those who purchased the script for 2018 max and older, please write to me in a personal letter indicating the mail - I will send you the version for 2018 max. )
    • vital1691 year ago
      Hello, is there a version for the 19th?
      • StunBreaker year ago
        Good time, the version for 3d Max 2018 works similarly in 2019)
  • hirenkathrecha year ago
    Thank you!
  • hirenkathrecha year ago
    cant work to less then 1mm
  • supergex year ago
    Thanks friend, great tool!
  • Alla Romanova year ago
    Thank you
  • TheRoomDesign year ago
    Well, as so, I do as in the video, the seams are thick and obtained at a great distance from each other ((((What should I do ???
  • bdmitry87 year ago
  • K.A.D. year ago
    Is this script suitable for 2016 max?
  • bogermann year ago
    I have 2018 max. How do I write you in a personal, so you sent me this particular version.
  • roman.paryvai year ago
    In 18 max does not work. Quad graphics card. Hanging and viewer does not respond. Where is the joint? Video card?
  • szr4 year ago
    In 3ds, MAX 2016 works fine, in 3ds MAX 2019 it produces an error: "--Runtime error: Not creatable: Normalize_Spl", then the creepy showers begin, you have to reload max. It's a shame, the description is not written.
    • StunBreaker year ago
      Good time, it's a pity that it upset you, in fact, too many comments and apparently just did not notice the posts about 2018, which I wrote above - not one person already. I wrote to you in PM.
  • szr4 year ago
    Everything works fine, thanks! Good tool!
    • StunBreaker year ago
      I am glad that you are rated highly, thank you) and good luck to you!
  • Kagerou year ago
    Cool thing, thanks a lot!
    Sometimes it is buggy with dimensions and does not always correctly follow the spline, you have to edit the pens. But in general, THING!
    • StunBreaker year ago
      if something is wrong with the dimensions, then you need to apply "ResetXForm" to your object, and then make a line. It should work correctly.
  • streetstyle61 9 months ago
    does not work in 2019 max in 2016, too, something incomprehensible
  • AlexanderKirkov 7 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • AlexanderKirkov 7 months ago
    I really need a version for 3D Max 2018. I wrote in a personal. Why is it not indicated anywhere in the description that the script is for versions below 2018?
  • greshnovk 7 months ago
    thank. I downloaded it, but as I understood it early. Drop the older version in PM. Grateful in advance
  • Gleb#29 6 months ago
    Max 2018. I downloaded it - it gives an error 319. I need help
    • StunBreaker 6 months ago
      Please do not write to the blog about the version of 2018, it is better to write in a personal email right away and indicate your email.
      ps to those who have already written - in a personal reply)
  • hi4nik 18 hours ago
    also ran into a problem with Max 2018
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Strokes Gen - script for 3d maxpro


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 485 KB
Date: 2017.11.16 23:27
Formfactor: Oval
Style: Modern
Material: Leather

Strokes Gen is a script for 3d max, a sewing line generator.

All the details about the work you can find out in the blog: https://3dsky.org/blog/post/strokes_gen_skript_dlia_3d_max 

Also, I suggest you look at a small video lesson on using simple script basics: https://youtu.be/ai5msA_dWSI 

Good luck and good thread thread to you)