• Mickeyvpn 7 years ago
    It is a pity that all converted to Editable Poly.
    • Simona01 7 years ago
      Please tell me, if not to Editable Poly then what better to convert?
      • Mickeyvpn 6 years ago
        In my opinion it is better not collapse the modifier stack. In future work more control over the model.
  • grey4752 5 years ago
    In my opinion, the height to the length of the bed confused, even in the description of the length shorter than the length of the mattress bed 3 cm
  • ivysochina 4 years ago
    I think useful to the actual size of
    Height: 193 cm
    Bed width: 99 cm
    Bed length: 207 cm
    Mattress length: 200 cm
    Mattress width: 90 cm
    Thank you for your model!)
  • вероника00 3 years ago
    Product dimensions
    Height: 182 cm
    Bed width: 99 cm
    Length of the bed: 207 cm
    Length of the mattress: 200 cm
    Width of the mattress: 90 cm
    Max. thickness of the mattress: 20 cm
  • Ульяна 7 years ago
    thank you
  • 3D ROM 6 years ago
    Thank you!
  • surja 6 years ago
    Thank you!
  • strajinsky 6 years ago
  • vampir 6 years ago
    ATP !!!
  • ny_arh 5 years ago
  • Ellie van Vierhort 5 years ago
    Thank you in good stead
  • Анета 4 years ago
    Thank you:)
  • uvarovavera 4 years ago
    Thank you!
  • forgy 3 years ago
    Thank you))
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2010 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 2 MB
Date: 2014.08.06 11:21
Style: Modern
Material: Wood

New from IKEA. This loft bed provides a comprehensive solution for a child's room - including a desk, a wardrobe and shelving. May be completed with different colored doors. Product dimensions Height: 207 cm Bed width: 99 cm Bed length: 197 cm Mattress length: 200 cm Mattress width: 90 cm


stuva, ikea