• nguyenvandoan 6 years ago
    Sweet! Thank you!
  • ewwa111 6 years ago
    only the lower Kala would in physics - trample - and they look a little lifeless
  • Natalliny 6 years ago
    I wanted to express the Phi about 2015 without FBX, but in 2012 opened the scene. Correct description. PS FBX still need to apply, because someone else in 2009 and sits below ..... And thanks for the model!
    • LilyOK 6 years ago
      Excuse me, but what obj is not satisfied? Thank you in advance for your reply :-)
      • Natalliny 6 years ago
        OBJ ustraivaet.Esli me everything he has and pattern texture - it would be the price was not .... ((
  • AlexRicco 6 years ago
    2015 is irrelevant. Lowers the relevance of its models. Himself want to spread the model 2009. Model luxury! 5+ Bow!ツ
  • LilyOK 6 years ago
    It makes a model in 2015, but has retained a 2012-D for convenience. :-)
    • AlexRicco 6 years ago
      You just unloaded from its archives in 2015?
  • LilyOK 6 years ago
    No of course! Archive packed by hand)
    • AlexRicco 6 years ago
      Deleted comment
      • LilyOK 6 years ago
        Ways to textures tied manually.
        • AlexRicco 6 years ago
          Deleted comment
          • LilyOK 6 years ago
            When you create a project, all files are placed in the root folder of the project, due to this at the start of the project file is automatically loaded into 3ds max. The same process is used when creating avtoarhiva 3ds max. For more information on this subject can be found in HELP 3ds max.
          • mr.spoilt 6 years ago
  • LilyOK 6 years ago
    Spasibki, uchtu)
  • Andresko 6 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Oss692356 6 years ago
    Krasotischa-Beauty) Respect.
  • fast_pulse 6 years ago
    Thank you!
  • chimpokomon 6 years ago
    Great set!
  • Dmitry_Lebedev 5 years ago
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wedding table settingpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + obj
Size: 29 MB
Date: 2015.05.15 14:27
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Modern
Material: Glass Organics

You can appreciate the wedding table decoration: Cake of mastic and fresh flowers, the wedding bouquet of calla lilies and orchids Wand, etc.