• bestprogram 2 months ago
    the wrong script in the distribution, you re-laid ViewHotBox-MENU
  • bestprogram 2 months ago
    another question is where in the script you can change the delay time for closing this window of the script? For example, the script menu opens and closes after 3 seconds, I would like it to close not after 3 but after 10-20, how can I do this?
  • Nik-ants 2 months ago
    yes I’ll change, the replacement is not available yet for some reason
  • Nik-ants 2 months ago
    in the view script change the timer: "timer t interval:"
  • Nik-ants 2 months ago
    All rebooted archive
  • bestprogram 2 months ago
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Rules for using models

Svoe_KickHotBox_Modelling _1.0free


model details

Platform: Script
Render: MentalRay
Size: 1 MB
Date: 2020.02.12 06:59
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic

Menus for quick access to the functions of modeling editable polygons, etc. ------------ Menus with changing buttons depending on the selected objects and subobjects. Works with Edit poly, Editable polygons, Edit spline and some modifiers. ----------- help video https://youtu.be/Szj8h-xi32I 


modelling, edit, menu