• LINAARTKNARIK 6 months ago
    Chic set!
  • ND_3D 6 months ago
  • sabir.seyidzade 6 months ago
  • 3dindia 6 months ago
    Nice work
  • lampaalladina 6 months ago
  • dilya_1 6 months ago
  • zakazchik81 6 months ago
  • nokia007 6 months ago
    Cool set!
  • KSABA 6 months ago
    Great set! +5 Grid where?)
  • lisa19 6 months ago
    just a bomb!
  • ereju 6 months ago
  • Razor77 6 months ago
    awesome !!!
  • 1992nika 6 months ago
  • arminradan 6 months ago
    Wow! Terrific
  • NAS087 6 months ago
    Amazing! :)
  • reyhaneh2004 6 months ago
    So nice
  • kovaleva_kseniya 5 months ago
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :))))))) what a cutie
  • diana_muntyan 5 months ago
  • Archnuvo.ru 5 months ago
    What you need and not Vray ... ((
  • Darushka 5 months ago
    Cool set, 7 million polygons only
    • Natali25 5 months ago
      Yes kapets. I had to open it in a separate scene, ungroup it, transfer it to the mesh because all the objects there are instant, not copy, then attach, then to the proxy and only then add to the scene. Those are dancing with a tambourine.
      • Darushka 5 months ago
        I downloaded it, and then I didn’t even put it in the scene (I had the whole scene of 3 million polygons). Therefore, I wrote to everyone to know that the scene would become heavier)
        • Natali25 5 months ago
          I’ve played it all up and set it, in vain I bought something or XD
          But it is worth noting that the model itself is very beautiful and the texture is fire. The interior looks very good.
          • шечка1337 4 months ago
            please tell the beginner how to fix this problem in more detail)
            • Natali25 4 months ago
              Open in a separate scene, completely ungroup everything, attach (bouquet separately, plates separately, glasses separately, etc.) transfer to a proxy, save it in a new file and then load the proxy into your scene.
  • Xenya_007 5 months ago
    Why is the number of polygons not indicated ?! It's just tin
  • Alenyshka92 4 months ago
    the scene died after inserting this model))) But in general the model is gorgeous
  • RomanMityashin 3 months ago
    The scene is not adapted for work, I bought it and now I regret it ...
  • Koni7 3 months ago
    impossible to transform it in vray materials, awful!
  • hmnd 3 months ago
    Of course I'm sorry, but you saw your napkin material, weren't you too? :)
  • Andy_Kris month ago
    regretted that he bought, completely hangs the scene, what the hell to do ?!
  • Andy_Kris month ago
    To fix the model, select everything and use the script to remove the turbosmuff

    for i = 1 to 99 do
    for o in $ do
    if classof o.modifiers [i] == TurboSmooth then deletemodifier oi

    after that we put on a turbosmuff with visibility only when rendering
  • samen 3 weeks ago
    Super! Thanks!
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Corona
Size: 116 MB
Date: 2019.08.13 03:33
Formfactor: Circle
Style: Ethnic
Material: Stone Organics

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