• ikiss 2 years ago
    I wonder what Yandex you ordered?
    • giglen 2 years ago
      So I also wanted to ask. In principle it looks like a pitch)
    • YanCodename 2 years ago
      No ... although I would not have refused if they had paid for the time spent on this model))
      Well, or a good discount on trips in a taxi gave)
      • tony_black 2 years ago
        For a lifetime discount?) I look awesome renders, you would put in the gallery not many angles !!!!
        • YanCodename 2 years ago
          Discount discussed))
          I don’t want to bother with the gallery, everything is still nothing special for the gallery in my opinion, if the 3d environment was yes, I don’t think so interesting
  • MastaMan 2 years ago
    It can be seen done with love ...
  • RomanRyazh 2 years ago
    Previews - direct work for the gallery) chic
  • taiphan 2 years ago
    Cool, the king of the 3D MOUNTA pulls
    • Sawamura 2 years ago
      I do not think I'm attracted to the tsar, but you can think about the master of the range.
      • taiphan 2 years ago
        Well, yes, the king is for the gallery work, they mixed up the messians)))
  • cpsi.gr 2 years ago
    It is a bit difficult to find Skoda models ...
  • Vizer 2 years ago
    Here I met her, got up well:
    http: //interstroy.rf/userfiles/Image/projects/ddcd2-kvartiry-v-centre-simferopolya-lenina.jpg
  • Thank you author for such a cool model! Very clear from the outside worked out to the smallest detail! The most for archiving! I wish you success and great fees! So that such work was a joy in every way!
  • mA((o year ago
    Has the salon been designed? I need to make sure that the dimensions are correct.
  • Conroy 2 years ago
    Nice !!!
  • strictdes 2 years ago
    It is very cool
  • mfize 2 years ago
    Krutota, 5 +++
  • v e r t e x 2 years ago
  • Kenzo80 2 years ago
  • outfighter87 2 years ago
  • Zakirov 2 years ago
  • Tant 2 years ago
    Charlotsy filing)
  • khmermodel 2 years ago
  • dedora 2 years ago
  • Sapsan 2 years ago
    Great! Thanks !!!
  • nisanz350 2 years ago
    yes cool work! 5+
  • PABLO_PICASSO 2 years ago
  • Constantine1982 year ago
  • V0l0din year ago
  • Aleksandr_Isaev 7 months ago
    The fire!
  • Artur_G.C. 3 months ago
  • a-diz 3 months ago
  • brodyck 2 months ago
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 20 MB
Date: 2018.09.12 16:27
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

Taxi in the livery "Yandex Taxi"

Auto: Skoda Octavia

In the archive there are 5 main colorings - 2 complete pastings - 3 basic options

Stickers used as with a taxi cab on the roof and without

Materials of V-Ray + Corona Renderer