• mymelody9xxx 8 months ago
    haha nice glass
  • semenlobanov 8 months ago
    Hipanem a little bit :)
  • archdesignarts 8 months ago
  • vustyansky 8 months ago
    some kind of low poly
  • JohnEvsey 8 months ago
    A couple of days ago I didn’t look and they brought me here)))
  • azeem ali 8 months ago
    tesla break glass test perfect
  • uzarx 8 months ago
    Woo, this is the topic!
  • cgtrendy 8 months ago
    Nice low poly car!
  • kolia5665 8 months ago
  • horhesoloma 8 months ago
    With such a design of cars, it will be possible to stamp model cars with wagons)))
    Question to the Mask: why are the wheels not square? And then round somehow dissonant against the general background))
    • LEGO_TOYS 8 months ago
      Who knows... Thank you so much for your kindly comment.
    • SAkaiser 8 months ago
      It is explained by the simplicity of manufacture. One-piece housing with the function of the frame can not be made in the form of a Ferrari.
      • horhesoloma 8 months ago
        Come on! ) With the current technologies in metallurgy a lot is possible, the question is only in price) And if you mold the case from carbon, there are no form restrictions at all. Just apparently "the artist sees so"))
        • SAkaiser 8 months ago
          1. What does carbon have to do with it? It’s one thing to glue the cockpit for a hypercar, another is to create a one-piece strong body with a load-bearing function, capable of dragging a few tons of cargo, filling (and batteries), and withstanding overloads.
          2. The issue of price is a contradiction. Indeed, let's make an elegant body out of heavy-duty steel and sell the pickup for $ 300,000.
          3. Musk talked about the reasons. His word is against yours.
  • Taya.Yuki 8 months ago
    Ahahha, with broken glass! Super!!
  • indema 8 months ago
    Promptly! The hatch was forgotten at the rear left arch.
  • hey_ley 8 months ago
    Future Lada Hlyba)))
  • younuska.ua 8 months ago
    Thanks a lot !!!
  • necBTpuko 7 months ago
  • sahraroz 7 months ago
  • Lemon1000 6 months ago
    1MB - perfect!)
  • obrazkobra 4 months ago
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Tesla cybertruckpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2016 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 1 MB
Date: 2019.11.25 22:40
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Glass

The model from the TESLA company new pick-up design is great for any visualizations.

570 cm x 210 cm

Polygon 4.500

The model is made in full size in cm.

No third-party plugin or script required.