• Sto year ago
    Deleted comment
  • Spike9291 year ago
    Thank you~
  • SushantSingh year ago
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  • olhen_vol year ago
    Texture zataylena or what is there for the pictures?
  • ikercito year ago
    These are NOT textures. They are the same pics shown in the preview but in higher res... Completely useless for 3D :(
  • niklab year ago
    Deleted comment
  • ina 3D year ago
  • gregMC year ago
    what it is???????? For what? How to use it lay out a normal texture.
  • Inside the file, there is nothing but preview pictures !!!!!
  • qkralswo00 year ago
    no source
  • nadiadziubka year ago
    scho for rozvod ?!
  • wooho year ago
  • Aesese year ago
    Useless resource, thank you.....
  • studio212studio year ago
    - Yes, you were mistaken. And an old woman can have a blunder, as the Polish beauty Inga Zaionz said a month after the wedding with a friend of my childhood Kolya Osten-Baken. How many times (a couple of three) I told myself, Yasha, read the comments of smart people ... Indeed, someone else’s experience doesn’t teach anyone. There is no texture in full understanding, only these gorgeous photos, except to use as a lining in Photoshop, Tom who laid out this respect and respect for the school of life, but it could be paid materials, Thank you very much FRIEND. Accompany your request with an idiotic laugh ...
  • minhakts91 11 months ago
    holy shit.
    Nothing in it
  • bayan3dakhil 10 months ago
    useless!!!! Please delete this!! or add the 3d for it
  • ktosyalioglu 9 months ago
    thank u idiot
  • esahinkoc 9 months ago
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texture black grids setfree


model details

Platform: Текстура
Size: 11 MB
Date: 2018.12.20 21:43
Formfactor: Rhomb
Style: Modern
Material: Metal

Includes 3 steel and titanium scraps

size is 5000 x 3333 pix.


metal, iron, panel