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      Material - allows you to animate, or simply change the Material ID of the applied materials of the object.
      Source: https: //repetitor3d.ru/3dsmax/opisanie-modifikatorov-3ds-max
      You can learn more about his work in this video tutorialhttps://youtu.be/_FkfAjC6rF0 

      With this skill you can quickly change colors
      - enamels go in order from 1 to 31, their sequence number corresponds to the part number in the palette
      -toning go in order from the lightest color to the darkest of all 7

      change the pattern of engraving is a more difficult skill, but absolutely real in mastering.
      To do this, you need to poke a pipette either on the ball with the enamel material with milling, or on the facade of the product
      go to the bump slot further to the CORONAnormal map and already there in the imput image line select the engraving pattern that suits you (it will automatically be assigned to all the colors included in the enamel enamel material Multi / Sub)
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The IDEA CASE buffetom


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 57 MB
Date: 2018.05.14 16:40
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Wood Glass

Buffet CASE

Case Buffet will help organize home collections, remembering the main thing - stylish interior and comfort. In the deep drawers there is room for bulky and weighty things, and on the upper shelves - for festive decor, glasses and books. Features The frame of the cupboard is made of solid oak, and the lower part of the case is made of high quality MDF. The model is completed with modern accessories with a smooth running and closers.

CASE buffet is available in 7 finishes and 31 enamel colors

Nash Website https://goo.gl/owrfd5 

All Buffets and Showcases The Idea https://goo.gl/k8egLy 

Buffet CASE https://goo.gl/1HXKKP 

In the archive there is: 3d model product -Textures of 7 types of oak tinting -installed material 31 enamel colors -12 cards for normal milling of facades