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    Hmm, in pursuit of driving "the whole palette" was an uncomfortable mess of materials. as a result it remains to configure yourself
    • THE-IDEA 3D 2 years ago
      Clarify the points you do not understand?
      in the scene there are 3 multi materials
      1- Oak material
      2- Enamel material
      3- enamel material with milling

      Navigation through colors is implemented through the Material modifier
      -id from 1 to 31 for enamel materials
      -id 1 to 7 for oak material

      The normal map for milling is connected to the bump slot of all enamels as (instance object) to easily change the pattern at once to all colors.

      * All the colors of the enamels were obtained by converting the Ral palette into the Hex values ​​supported by the corona color map
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The IDEA CASE chest highom


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 50 MB
Date: 2018.05.10 18:37
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Wood

Chest high

The high chest of drawers Case combines an attractive appearance and multifunctionality. The storage space in it is more than enough. In the lower drawers it is easy to place more oversized objects, and fold the necessary trifle into the small upper drawers. The chest of drawers CASE is perfect for any type of room: living room, bedroom or office. The base is made of solid oak, and the case is made of MDF, which guarantees the strength and environmental friendliness of the product. Thanks to high-quality fittings, capacious boxes move smoothly and noiselessly. And the main highlight of the collection is facades with volume milling, the color and design of which you can choose yourself.

The chest of drawers is available in 7 finishes and 31 enamel colors

Nash Website https://goo.gl/owrfd5 

CASE chest high https://goo.gl/oRqAa5 

In the archive there is: 3d model product -Textures of 7 types of oak tinting -installed material 31 enamel colors -12 cards for normal milling of facades