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    (in fact, no, the glass and glandens there are suitable)
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    Very cool stuff. It is very convenient and fast to change colors. It's a pleasure not to bother to change all the settings. That's what it means professionally.
    • THE-IDEA 3D 2 years ago
      Good afternoon, for now we do not plan to expand our palette, but everything is possible)
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      When changing the texture in the Bitmap download window, remove the tick from the sequence)
  • valeriametlina 2 years ago
    how to change the texture? tell me more, please, never encountered such settings
    • THE-IDEA 3D 2 years ago
      1 In the case of birch tint materials, materials are navigated using the Material modifier, which is wrapped around the object to which the material is applied)

      2 With fabric materials a bit more complicated but in general the algorithm is very understandable)
      - The first step will be the choice of the type of fabric, in our palette there are 3 pieces (MicroVelour, Velor, Shenil)
      - The second step is to select the color for the selected type of fabric, and then everything is very simple too.) We go through the map in the Diffuse slot to the very last node, replace the default map with the one we need from the folder "THE idea color palette - Fabric ( fabrics) "
      Let's choose the appropriate material from the fabric of Shenil for the basis of the color from the palette we are looking for in the folder named "Shenil" and so on with all 3 types of fabric)

      The numbering of the textures of the fabric corresponds to their article in the palette (the palette is in the second picture)
      • Bare 2 years ago
        Next time, please make more confuse and more stupid and more un-friendly and more disaster way of manipulating the materials and textures...otherwise, everything is just fine!
        You could not just placed boxes with mats applied on it? Or is it just too simple?
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The Idea Materials Birch & Fabric (a palette of fabrics and toning of a birch)om


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 96 MB
Date: 2018.04.01 03:37
Style: Modern
Material: Wood Fabric

A universal set of materials from The IDEA. With branded fabrics and tinted birch.

These finishes are relevant for all collections of our upholstered furniture. http://the-idea.ru/shop/courses  http://the-idea.ru/divany/module-divan-soho  http://the-idea.ru/shop/chairs  / armchair-soho http://the-idea.ru/divany/divany-case  http://the-idea.ru/shop/chairs  / chair-case

In the archive: 3 customized fabric materials + seamless textures of all colors presented in the palette customized birch material + textures 6 kinds of toning

Soon, all models of our products will appear on the site Stay tuned !