• AuRu year ago
    How I hate the carriage. I weep when her model, but when I look at the work of other people I am amazed at their patience and endurance. Medal to all carriages and scavengers!))
    • gus_ann year ago
      Yes there is not difficult, one has modeled and multiplied instances.
      • AuRu year ago
        This is if the screed on the plane, and if with twists there are all sorts of things, there you can not get off with instances)
        • ElizabethBess year ago
          And what for the carriage?
          • Korneeva_inna year ago
            Head of the bed - "carriage" (coach coupler)
            • AuRu year ago
              Yes it is the most)
            • Korneeva_inna year ago
              I explained to ElizabethBess))
            • gus_ann year ago
              I call it Capitone
            • ElizabethBess year ago
              Well, yes, Capiton. And the carriage first time I hear, looked out for renderers that for the carriage such))
            • AuRu year ago
              Happens) We still gipsokarton giprok name) We are)
            • Korneeva_inna year ago
              I and so and so I name)) a difference that any
            • gus_ann year ago
              Names million, meaning one
            • AuRu year ago
              No, well, someone heard the first time about the carriage, little can and giprok as an opening)
            • Diz82 year ago
              10 years I work "giprok" for the first time I hear))))
            • AuRu year ago
              So not everyone has seen it in my life)))
  • grdesigner year ago
    Anya, and the veil, is the marevelus for throwing on the bed, making bulges and blowing a can on the contour, then a skinhead with a square topology and then manually folding onto the contour on the cylinder?
    • gus_ann year ago
      Folds immediately in Martha on the balloon are made. And so yes, that's right, only to the skinhead yet a-la button-balls are attached to MAX.
      • grdesigner year ago
        I understood, thank you, but at the last frame with the grid it seemed that I had manually cut it.
  • elite_eg year ago
    nice modeling and rendering :)
  • NAS087 year ago
    Test model:) Elegant!
  • a.nuta year ago
    Thank you)
  • dfWER year ago
    Beauty!! Thank you!!
  • lara3113 8 months ago
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The Sofa & Chair Company Rossini Bedpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 60 MB
Date: 2018.03.16 13:05
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Classic
Material: Wood Fabric

The Sofa & Chair Company Rossini Bed Rossini bed 2060-2100-1540h Milton bench 700-1600-610h Dunstin bedside table 800-500-670h Warwick bedside table 650-450-450h Obsidian lamp D \ 430-700h For those who work in the V-Ray version lower than 3.1, be careful, the materials in the BRDF section are Microfaset GTR (GGX), if your version is older than 3.1, then the BRDF field will be empty. Choose Blinn, Phong or Ward - which is preferable for you.