• Sergio46 3 months ago
    • Magomed Mirzaev 3 months ago
      Thanks, I tried)
    • Prog 3 months ago
      Lacking only aphids abundantly populated by poplar, I did not see any such tree without it))
  • zetserg86 3 months ago
  • Turbogang 3 months ago
    cool, very nice
  • arrgaz 3 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • Gestas 3 months ago
    The evening view is generally super !! SpeedTree?
  • Antony1493 3 months ago
    The most natural poplar of all 3d models that I saw.
  • rnax 3 months ago
    Super realistic model!
  • dedora 3 months ago
    It turned out very well.
  • Luckyfox7 3 months ago
    Nice one, it's crazy how even such models get only LT. The amount of work deserves PRO.
    • Magomed Mirzaev 3 months ago
      Thank you) I’m right here, you’re right, but I think it will take me half the time for the following models, this was the first experience of stitching a scan with a model from the plugin :) in general, there isn’t any unusual thing here, I generated a tree (of course, it’s better not to in a hurry, first to study where the branches grow and how, leaves) and nafotkal tree from all sides (quite simply by the way to get a scan using Agisoft) it remains to do the attachment: D
      And I don’t particularly need about me, it's okay)
  • dedora 3 months ago
    Of course, about administration it is up to the administration to decide about missile defense, but when you sit training for half a year on the realism of the model, then a faithful assistant to the prog grow FS or Plant Factory, etc. , they are already becoming more than just asked a branch, and it has grown into a disordered hierarchy, and experience and practice are already in it (in the branch).
    Often in the gallery in the renderings, trees that are made like a tyap-blunder are clearly visible. But these nuances are not noticed until you try to do it yourself.
    • Magomed Mirzaev 3 months ago
      Yes, and tyap bloopers for sale, I think it will not)) so you have to work hard
  • Conroy 3 months ago
    Nice !!!
  • V.Dolgalev 3 months ago
    Good, man!
  • dilya_1 3 months ago
  • Exactly the same poplars in childhood grew on Ordzhonikidze)
  • reyhaneh2004 3 months ago
  • vis-on 3 months ago
    That would be such a poplar 15-meter only, and it would be generally chocolate) 30-meter long is very healthy
  • Magomed Mirzaev 3 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • V.Dolgalev 2 months ago
    Dude, put him in his scene. He is his mother fucking awesome! One must really love poplar to do so! I’ve made an additional display on the bark, but this is my dart)
    • Magomed Mirzaev 2 months ago
      the most motivating comment))))) I look forward to your render to see)))
  • E.28 2 months ago
    I don’t understand what is wrong with this model. I add to the scene, the rendering stops working. Interactive hanging. I delete the model, everything starts to work!
    • Magomed Mirzaev 2 months ago
      Try to enter the subobject mode, select everything, deselect, or delete what is left, empty object. When working with growfix, it happens to me if I don’t update the model building in the plugin and run the render. Maybe it will help you
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Poplar / Populus #1pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 125 MB
Date: 2020.02.27 23:31
Style: Classic
Material: Organics

The mighty giant, Poplar. Height 30 meters, trunk diameter at the base 65 centimeters. The bottom of the barrel is made using photogrammetry in Agisoft Fotoscan, the rest using GrowFX. Leaf material using opacity. Displacement cards are missing. Trash geometry and groups are absent. X-form is done, normals are not inverted. Geometry, textures and materials have the correct names, without the Cyrillic alphabet. The model at the origin, pivot at the base of the trunk. Renders quickly, looks good under standard Sun and Sky Corona lighting. Polys (Editable Mesh) - 3186950