• grol69 4 months ago
  • snake 4 months ago
    Hmm ... fire! Super, model!
  • dre112 4 months ago
    This is the level :) Super!
  • foad3d 4 months ago
  • alex151286 4 months ago
  • evdokimov2209 4 months ago
    and this is for 150 rubles ?! take two!
  • Raulkassab 4 months ago
    ILJAAAA well done ! such a beautiful model ..
  • spurt 4 months ago
    Aerobatics! Superb model! 5+!
  • V.Dolgalev 4 months ago
    Cool! For a car, it is better to make a separate category on 3Ddd, where to sell them from 500 R
    • vladimir.drobzhev90 4 months ago
      All those who advise to greatly increase the price, do not you think about the consequences? Have you ever wondered why 3dsky prices are much higher? Why is there a division between 3ddd and 3dsky at all, although this is one guide? Of course, let's increase prices and drive people back to all sorts of storage, well done!))
      • V.Dolgalev 4 months ago
        I do not agree, any work should be evaluated. I would buy such a quality model for 500 R
        • vladimir.drobzhev90 4 months ago
          That is why on 3dsky this model costs 500 rubles. You and a few more people will buy for 500, and the rest will go to the warehouse. Many people use the storehouse now, and you, without understanding the general solvency of the CIS residents, will only aggravate the situation by raising prices.
          • m9sorybka 4 months ago
            The price of this model, if so, at a discount of at least $ 150.
            And V. Dolgalev correctly says that labor should be evaluated with dignity.
            The author is well done +5.
            • vladimir.drobzhev90 4 months ago
              No, you don’t understand what you’re talking about. Price is the number of hours times the price of the hour. And how you will receive this price is another matter. For 150 bucks, the author ages to sell it on 3ddd.
            • ElizabethBess 4 months ago
              This is exactly what is happening now. 500 rubles is a lot, so we are sitting alone with our models.
            • m9sorybka 4 months ago
              At the moment, I evaluate the model in terms of work and quality on my part. And then where it is sold and what price is of course the business of the author of this model.
            • chilintano06 4 months ago
              They forgot to add the cost of software (3d Max, corona render, vray) to the price and in 150 (of which the author will receive about half) you definitely won’t get any benefit ..... Let's just say friendly thanks a lot to the author for such a model and work)
          • Raulkassab 4 months ago
            example .. i pay 7 $ for each model! and get 150rub when someone buys mine! it is unfair
          • kss96 3 months ago
            I agree! 100%
        • Jstyle 4 months ago
          Deleted comment
      • petrovich23rus 4 months ago
        there are only seven bucks, which is also wild dumping for a car with a passenger compartment. That's just funny .
        in the sense that a carpet with a texture there also costs seven bucks.
        in general, this is an eternal topic that everything is 150 non-objective, but Ilya himself chose to give it at the price of a "carpet". The model is cool, like all other models of the author.
        • Sarbagyshev 4 months ago
          No one thought that a person just wants a "Master of the training ground"? This is also a definite incentive.
      • Nik3D_design18 4 months ago
        you do not forget the commission yet. Depending on the status, the performer receives only 250 rubles from 500. But it depends on the status. The site is not profitable to encourage the first young users. Do you want some goodies, if you please, from time to time post actual and high-quality models that will be sold. To simulate a typewriter, it is enough to have an initial level and a training video
        • Disah 4 months ago
          Machine, then it will also be an entry-level
        • vladimir.drobzhev90 4 months ago
          it’s not enough to have an initial level for such a machine, for a shelf for books it’s enough, but for such a machine not)
    • Predator84 4 months ago
      who does not want to sell at 150r chooses other places for this
    • aerograph 4 months ago
      be quiet, don’t bother people from working and don’t appreciate their work!
    • Disah 4 months ago
      This model generally does not fit into any category. How many commercial street racing visas are being done?
      • V.Dolgalev 4 months ago
        I have a sports car like that)) now many take small semi-sports and drive around the city to work-home. By the way, especially from Toyota
        • Disah 4 months ago
          90s, perhaps, in the coastal region.
        • giglen month ago
          JDM ONE LOVE! :)
    • chilintano06 4 months ago
      I would suggest spreading the wallet so that those who wish could pay extra for work)
  • Razor77 4 months ago
  • Sawamura 4 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • anubiz 4 months ago
    Whattttt@!! 100 star!!
  • Action-sen 4 months ago
  • Action-sen 4 months ago
    Although for the sake of decency it would be possible to add a grid)
    • Ilja198 4 months ago
      Last picture. Watch attentively
      • Action-sen 4 months ago
        I meant to add to the thumbnails, not to the description)
  • Germain 4 months ago
    Wohohohow! The strongest diston!
  • dilya_1 4 months ago
    Ohhh)) admired
  • arminradan 4 months ago
  • Aivory 4 months ago
    Coolness. it was necessary to color more effectively, yellow or red =)
  • gunslinger 4 months ago
    Very beautiful. In general, as soon as Toyota began to make BMW / Magna, it immediately turned out to be a car, and not ... Toyota: D
  • hey_ley 4 months ago
    turboskvid nervously smokes on the sidelines
    • c3dm 4 months ago
      with their 40% yes, but the plus is that the prices are good
  • Raedsh 4 months ago
    wooooow !!
  • consexto 4 months ago
    Makes me wanna buy it just because!
  • yousef102030a 4 months ago
  • ViTcore 4 months ago
    Madness - lay out such a level of model that on ddd, that on sky
    • Yehat 4 months ago
      If you know in advance that you will get missile defense, then there is a certain sense.
  • v e r t e x 4 months ago
    oooo yes
  • milir9999 4 months ago
    very nice
  • Ilja198 4 months ago
    Thank you all for the comments and for the master of the training ground)
  • SNikon 4 months ago
    Ala BMW
  • reyhaneh2004 4 months ago
    Very good
  • fox_ir 4 months ago
    ahhh it's a monster !! level!
  • nikitann 4 months ago
    Some kind of bomb)
  • Boom 4 months ago
    Deleted comment
    • Ilja198 4 months ago
      Yes, this is a different model.
  • zevsart 4 months ago
  • Yoogeen 4 months ago
    Great study, renderings, but that’s it! Judging by the details, it feels like your car?) :)
    • Ilja198 4 months ago
      The car is not mine)) It was just interesting to do.
  • arrgaz 4 months ago
  • arrgaz 4 months ago
  • suzygrigoryan 4 months ago
  • amir_sayyadi 4 months ago
    very good
  • Ilja198 4 months ago
    Thank you all for your comments.
    • gooodwin 4 months ago
      I really hope that you received an order for such a model (for a Worthy cash reward) And after its completion you just uploaded it here (and in my personal opinion this is not at all the right thing)) Model of course Top grade !!!! Very cool
  • AlexHappy 4 months ago
    Deleted comment
    • pogreblegik 3 months ago
      Why did you delete koment did not have time to answer yesterday, I am writing now)
      Here, it’s not the point that how much is poured, but simply thanks to such a bar, the bar rises to such a level that you can no longer jump to extend the PRO)
      • AlexHappy 3 months ago
        I did not delete it. Yes, and it is also.
  • retdot 4 months ago
    what are the problems? You want, model and put it on some turbo squid for $ 150 and wait when they buy it, you want to put it here. The master is the master.
    • Flyboy 3 months ago
      Here the master is a master - moderator)
  • zevsart 4 months ago
    the best!
  • Alirzt 4 months ago
    Great job
  • rendaview_com 4 months ago
    Awesome model
  • vishenka-28 4 months ago
    Cool tachulya!)
  • Michaniv 4 months ago
    Grid images are missing!
  • UMD 4 months ago
    Super Supra.
  • VadimMercury 4 months ago
    Damn, well, this is awesome, lively !!!! How much did you go to such a quality of modeling? 100 years or 1000?)))
  • Ilja198 4 months ago
    Thanks. Did not consider)
  • MrSummer 4 months ago
    Endless Vauffect
  • voltron7 4 months ago
    Perfect model and materials! Amazing job. And another big thank you for making good V-Ray version!
  • perfect
  • ardavan18 4 months ago
  • 3D_ARHitect 3 months ago
    wow! super!
  • Ramzes-Architect 3 months ago
  • koslev 3 months ago
    Form Factor - Rectangle: D
  • Generasim 3 months ago
    Spread on the turbine and two more drains. There may be connoisseurs. A new car is still rare.
  • Hasan3596 3 months ago
  • Zom6ie 3 months ago
    Great model!
  • azg831 3 months ago
    give three)
  • magomed0595 3 months ago
    Super .super super again
  • JOeMax 3 months ago
    eh .. such work ... for 150 rubles. = (
  • JOeMax 3 months ago
    atom and for free x___X
  • zdzislaw1 3 months ago
    Its Great! Thanks
  • liza.popenko 3 months ago
  • hatami624 3 months ago
  • obrazkobra 3 months ago
  • 1411647 3 months ago
    cool done, well done! I know that behind this beautiful model is health and perseverance and valuable watches. New peaks to you)
  • JuliaVesnina 3 months ago
    Incredible model! Congratulations to the landfill master, you have long earned!
  • mahdiehkhosravi 3 months ago
  • tts00795 3 months ago
    Can't I pay with kiwi?
  • dslapovsky 3 months ago
    Why argue about the price? Who wants to pay 500 p. or 150USD, contact the master and donate your money. What is the problem? No need to conduct "marketing" lessons here. And yes: cool done.
  • Zakknayo 3 months ago
    This is daaaaaaaa ....
  • jahangraph 3 months ago
  • AndreyYalta 3 months ago
    Very cool! And what else pleases that the rear calipers in their place, and the correct size (many sin by this, just copy the front, not noticing that the rear and the wrong size and in the wrong position). And here everything is clear)
  • conrad77 3 months ago
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Toyota Supra GR 2020pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2014 + obj
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 122 MB
Date: 2020.03.10 21:31
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Leather

Toyota Supra GR 2020 Tri-color model Doors open 884 648 polys 970 848 verts Additional photos from the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FvlicLGrRhCV-q9RwtJ6ZwqcNQupMmZk