• Lier 7 years ago
    Handsome! Perforated tear up +10
  • vishenka-28 7 years ago
    good old tremzik) would happily ride ...)
  • cgalex 7 years ago
    cool, but alas not true in projects (
  • Olga))) 7 years ago
    We are still sometimes run))
  • wallop2 7 years ago
    We have 60 per cent of trams in Chelyabinsk, who wants to go on, come)
  • Максим.Л. 7 years ago
    UST-Katavskogo tram wagon works))))
  • Женька 7 years ago
    What to put in the middle of the living room. Here's a client might be confused.
  • Aleksey0009991 7 years ago
    YOUR EXAM! Author of respect))))
  • yansoya 7 years ago
    What is the distance to observe necessary? 120 m? ))
  • ko.di 7 years ago
    Eco bus) transport again!) It is necessary to take)

  • Zom6ie 7 years ago
    What's the distance to respect you? 120 m? ))
    olooooooooo Lo Lo ?en?ki))))))))))))
    There's usually behind the arrows in the right and left are drawn and TAKE AWAY 1 m
  • VIOS 7 years ago
    I have at home in Konotop too such travel
  • gunty 7 years ago
    neatly done - a rarity on 3ddd)
  • RelsoTron 7 years ago
    we are still in the city ride)))))
  • igorgnev2 6 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • igorgnev2 6 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • Ziablikps 5 years ago
    Oooo and I'll ischyuyuyuyu))) THANK YOU!
  • baazaar12 4 years ago
    Detail, of course ... the roof in general, without any hint of detail, the blockage between the roof and the muzzle, the cabin is empty, no bumpers on the sides of the dimensions is not
  • Allegoria 3 years ago
    Oo, the tram of slate!
  • crazy_atlet 2 years ago
    Great model. Good job. There is one thing. Not so critical. I do not use 3D Max. I download something to throw in a lumion model FBX format. And in this model, the roof is not visible from the outside. and inside is so clear. realistic. Thank.
  • usov.80 7 years ago
  • ЮраКозачок 7 years ago

  • design85 7 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Alexscape 6 years ago
    Thank you!
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model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + fbx
Render: Vray
Size: 28 MB
Date: 2013.11.12 18:03
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Glass

tram passenger model 71-605