• danezaa month ago
    Deleted comment
  • quadratmeter month ago
    The model is gorgeous!
  • negarina_mn month ago
  • hatami624 month ago
  • Mrk_design month ago
    Offset !!!!
  • Nik3D_design18 month ago
    maybe the model was done according to Artyom’s lessons)
    • D_art_S month ago
      Well, yes, except for Artem, nobody knows how to model it))
    • Graphicus month ago
      And I don’t hide that I learned a lot from Artyom and it seems that most fashion designers learn from him and take an example, he is now a model of modeling! And it was possible to guess all this logical and not arrange a bazaar here, it’s not for me but for the people who wrote to you above!
      • Nik3D_design18 month ago
        Deleted comment
        • guru-3ds month ago
          I agree with you, the comment is completely deleted HDD
        • Tant month ago
          so ... here, too, you need to delete all comments ... seen as from above?))
  • Graphicus month ago
    Why do I have such a fate? Why is my sofa so littered with comments (
    • guru-3ds month ago
      what are you, on the contrary !!)) but smari lope attention)))))
    • Tant month ago
      I have in the comments on the tea set model, in general it was about hair in n-th places)))
  • Hasan3596 month ago
  • amir_sayyadi month ago
  • dilya_1 month ago
    The sofa is beautiful in all colors
  • Linuxxx month ago
    This is how to tell the baker fu you use the methods of the coach, well, or whatever the teacher’s love))) If someone teaches the other to learn and takes what he has learned in any industry. Maybe worse, maybe better. Anyone here learned something from the other, fu on you as you could))))). You are evil people, because ... envy is right!
    Oh yes, I forgot the main thing a beautiful sofa well done!
  • Toremakhan_sh month ago
    Deleted comment
  • Toremakhan_sh month ago
    sofa just a bomb thank you !!!! TOPICS !!!
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Tufty-time sofapro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2015 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 103 MB
Date: 2020.04.04 17:46
Formfactor: Angle
Style: Modern
Material: Fabric Leather

Sofa "Tufty-Time" Corner sofa From the brand "B&B Italia" Website: www.bebitalia.com polygons 516430 Vertex 520588 In the archive: 3ds max 2015 vray + corona, FBX, OBJ. Present vray + corona materials When opening FBX and OBJ, you need to apply the TurboSmooth modifier to some objects