• RadionovAS1 year ago
    You lick it. It is right. Only in this way can you get a qualitative experience and result.
  • -NiK- year ago
    Chengzgi all in the header of the branch on the forum. I do not want to clog comments.

  • egoroshe year ago
    Rarely I write reviews, but here it is absolutely necessary. "Creating a flat geometry based on mapping in the size of the source object" is just a balm for the soul! Disturbed trouble and dancing with tambourines! Thank you very much, kind person. And such happiness for only 110 rubles, I did not believe in fairy tales - now I'll think about it.
  • 2d72 year ago
    but there is some kind of educational video, I bought the atoms, but I do not understand what else (
  • mag75 year ago
    Thank you!
  • bushe year ago
    Thank you, very convenient.
  • aerotroll year ago
  • dmitrybelonosov year ago
    Great job, many thanks! I initially used v1, all the painful problems with UNWRAP disappeared .. And then the script became even more thoughtful!
  • supergex year ago
    Thank you very much!
  • vlad_24 year ago
    Thank you for the work !!!
  • guidog77 year ago
    It is a great idea to keep the tile of all selected elements.
    • -NiK- year ago
      Already implemented in 3.0, but 3.0 is not ready yet. I think it can
  • vansan year ago
    I bought version 2.0, I did not pay for the update. And now I can not download it from the list of my purchases.
    • -NiK- year ago
      On 3ddd there is no such thing as an "update". This is perezalit content.
      The site does not yet support updating scripts.
  • Barbatana year ago
    Is it for 3ds Max 2014 too?
    • -NiK- year ago
      Checked up to the 9th. Not 2009, but the 9th: D
      In fact, the script doesn't care which max to work with. Unwrap is already a long time
  • Barbatana year ago
    Hm...well it's look like it will be good script for me :)
  • Barbatana year ago
    Will be free update for actual customers to 3.0 when You release it?
    • -NiK- year ago
      Unfortunately, no, it will not.

      3.0 is actually written from scratch, and even C ++ is used to achieve high performance. It has already invested too much time and labor, and it is not known how much more to invest :)
      I can definitely say one thing - the next version will be sold no longer here and a bit more expensive.
      • c3dm year ago
        Version 4.0 - Will be a full competitor 3d max))
  • urbanite year ago
    Hi _Nik-. When do you plan to release the 3.0?
    • -NiK- year ago
      I can't plan it because Scripts are written in their free time.
      In any case, 3.0 will not be a free upgrade and it will be more expensive.
  • Ecarum year ago
    Thank you!
  • damsms year ago
    Really useful script. Thank you!
  • c3dm year ago
    The most useful script!
  • ArtyAlaer 10 months ago
  • Slupmi 7 months ago
    You do cool scripts, respect and respect. if only for animation something to do would have been a bomb!
  • Og.art 4 months ago
    Colleagues, hello everyone! Please tell me - I have the next task. For example, I have a box at home. I need to lay it out in detail on a plane. Or part of a complex facade, consisting of 6 walls. Will this script help me in terms of cutting in detail on the plane of these walls? And then I will need to translate the whole thing into a vector according to size.
    Thanks for the tip.
    • -NiK- 4 months ago
      This discussion should be in the forum, not in the comments. Duplicate the question there.
  • Og.art 4 months ago
    Thank you very much, I bought it and now, apparently, it’s also finished with tambourines))
  • Cocos 4 months ago
    Thanks for the script!
  • minas month ago
  • navrianruso month ago
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UV Tools 2.1.3pro


model details

Platform: Script
Size: 493 KB
Date: 2018.08.15 10:33
Style: Modern

A set of useful tools for working with Unwrap.

- Conversion of selection of vertexes, edzhey, polygons. - Selecting the open faces of the mapping. - Transfer the selection from Unwrap to Poly and vice versa. - Flatten and Box mapping in real size. - Normalization of the mapping scale. - Height / width alignment. - Vertical / horizontal alignment. - Switching texture material in the viewport. Bitmap, Corona Bitmap, FStormBitmap. - Quick cull and display material backface switches. - Non-destructive checker materials. The source material can be returned in any case. You can add / remove textures in a folder. - Create anti-aliasing groups from the mapping. - Creation of flat geometry on the basis of mapping in the sizes of the initial object. - Interactive change of mapping without opening the UV editor. - Randomization of mapping on shells or elements of geometry.

And also other additional functions with Shift / Ctrl combinations. Each is described in the tooltips on the buttons.

Link to Blog with version 2.0 https://3dsky.org/blog/post/uv_tools_2 

Differences from version 2.1 in the comments.


script, uv, mapping