Vibia Palma 3720, 3724, 3726, 3728, 3730

                                    Vibia Palma 3720, 3724, 3726, 3728, 3730
  • 3dsMax 2014 + fbx (Vray+Corona)
  • 26.56 MB
  • 2019.07.20 14:43
  • Modern
  • ampelous plants, vibia, antoni arola, lamp, cover, frame, ball, bubbles, scope, plant, hanging plants, pot, pots, fern, palm, tropical, bush, barcelona, led light
  • The "Palma" series was created by designer Antoni Arola for the Vibia brand. Suitable for interiors in a modern style, loft, and for interiors with the style of a modern classic. It will also fit into various public spaces, such as a restaurant, cafe, bar, club.

    There are 5 models in the archive: -Vibia Palma 3720 -Vibia Palma 3724 -Vibia Palma 3726 -Vibia Palma 3728 -Vibia Palma 3730

    Diameter: 220mm

    Polys: 107 607 Verts: 111 277

    -max 2014 corona -max 2014 vray -fbx corona -fbx vray -obj -mtl -textures

    The model is made under smoothing, so you can control the density of the grid for a particular frame. The smoothing modifier is enabled (display in the viewport - 0 iterations, on the render 1 iteration). For distant plans, you can turn it off. For close-ups, iteration 1 is enough.

    If you have any questions regarding the model, please send a personal message.

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