Vortex columns

                                    Vortex columns
  • 3dsMax 2009 и ниже (Vray)
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  • 2019.03.28 15:15
  • Modern
  • aquapanel, bubble panel, bubbles, decorating, panel, aqua, decor, wall decor, partition, water, glazing, fountain, wall, cafe, bar, a restaurant, mural, stained glass window, glass, shield, backlight, wall lamp, exhibition, console, lamp, cover, fencing, fence, tub, loft, club, flask, aquarium, picture, tornado, whirlpool, funnel, vortex
  • - overall dimensions: Diameter 200 mm, height 2000 mm, - the lower LED rgb-illumination of 20 W, - remote control color backlight (the choice of any color and automatic color change), The column combines the effects of a water funnel and a spiral of air bubbles. Power cycle

    equipment allows you to observe a variety of water patterns: the formation of a wide funnel with a mirror

    surface with simultaneous filling of the column, turning the funnel into a direct vibrating column with

    screw surface, then the pole is thinned and forms a thin dancing serpentine cord. Level

    water in the column decreases and at the same time spirals of air bubbles begin to form. AT

    the upper part of the column, the bubbles are absorbed by the already weakening funnel, and as it disappears, the bubbles

    reach the surface of the water in its circular motion. LED illumination allows bubbles to sparkle over the entire height of the column. Mirror surface water

    funnels and pillar-tornado plays all the colors of the rainbow.

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