Vintage lamps set 2 calex lamps

                                    Vintage lamps set 2 calex lamps
  • 3dsMax 2014 + obj (Vray)
  • 5.50 MB
  • 2018.10.07 23:31
  • Ethnic
  • edison, loft, vintage, ethnic, light, glass, ceiling, hanging, metal, steampunk
  • ORGANIC LED LAMP An unpolished splash shape with a subtle spiraled led filament PARIS LED LAMP Our curviest model with a spiraled led. The curled shaped leds and gold finish VIENNA LED LAMP An upside-down, abstract, pearl shaped bulb with a spiraled led. SYDNEY LED LAMP Both trendy and classic, our splash with a bigger booty. MANHATTAN LED LAMP With this classic globe shape well in most interiors. Detailed models, saved modifiler stack. Choose smoothing as you like.

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