• Flamenezo 7 months ago
    Once again, duplicate the information from the description:
    !Attention! See a preview with a grid - the refrigerator is made in geometry, filling (bottles) is a plane with a texture!
  • dendenden80 7 months ago
    Why this refrigerator PRO? The contents are just a picture as it turned out! Return the money )))
    • Flamenezo 7 months ago
      This is written in the description and above above you!
  • Flamenezo 7 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • gexx1980 5 months ago
    Why this refrigerator PRO? The contents are just a picture as it turned out! Return the money
  • dendenden80 4 months ago
    Delete the model then - add it to the free ones, the reputation of the site goes bad - it’s already scary to buy something
  • pixogon 3 months ago
    shitty model - want my money back!!! should read the comments first, before purchasing this crap :(
  • fresaelena5 month ago
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Showcase 002. Refrigeratorpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + fbx
Render: Vray+Corona
Size: 6 MB
Date: 2019.08.02 15:28
Formfactor: Square
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Plastic

Showcase 002. Refrigerator

Commercial equipment in the store: refrigerator, showcase, shelf, shelving, trade, products, wall, price tags. Filling: soda, drink, mineral water, tea, plastic bottle (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Pepsi, Coca Cola, aqua mineral, lipton tea, lipton, Adrenaline, Sprite, energetic), beer, alcohol, glass bottle, container, ( Heineken, Amstel, Miller).

- Dimensions: 60x60x200 - Polys: 1701 (3462 FBX) - Verts: 1800 (1800 FBX) - Archive: 3dsMax (Vray + Corona), FBX, OBJ, textures - Scale: mm

!Attention! See the preview with the grid - the refrigerator is made geometry, filling (bottles) - a plane with a texture! The material used is VRayLightMtl (CoronaLightMtl) - the power of the glow needs to be adapted to your scene, taking into account the peculiarities of the light and perception of the camera.

Previous compilation: https://3dsky.org/3dmodels/show/vitrina_001_kholodilnik