• GP-8 6 years ago
    yes ... I downloaded for rolls, and they are not!
  • cosku* 6 years ago
    This is not fair. Then take them of. Cause as is just bluff
  • billy1220 6 years ago
    yea, please take all the breads away...everyone is very excited to see the breads only...
  • Johnny666 6 years ago
    gimme my bread!!!
  • edwardmetral1996 6 years ago
    i want bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kuaniris 6 years ago
    hello!! where is my bread????
  • javie_ro 6 years ago
    where is the bread!!! I want bread!
  • liasela 5 years ago
    Please change the image, it is confusing. Put an image only with what is included, only shelves
  • zara608 5 years ago
    well that is not yet downloaded, I just wanted bread
  • zara608 5 years ago
    as well as super regiment)
  • Jr_Brad 5 years ago
    I downloaded because the bread, and the bread was not given ((
  • cherraiz 5 years ago
    Really? Only the showcase? You should really remove the bread from the image, very confusing despite the description
  • ZaytsevaAnna 5 years ago
    Good afternoon! Yes, I also downloaded without reading a hurry looking for bread, was delighted to have found a free download, but here a bummer, better with pictures to remove bread that no one would confuse, especially hurry, as it leads to frustration.
  • Алекандр1979 5 years ago
    Yes with the bread of the crap it turns out
  • dgs3d 5 years ago
    Also hurried downloaded, Please remove the pictures to avoid this frustration!!
  • Stilson 5 years ago
    I agree with the above and I also am wondering why there isn't a link to the bread
  • superfilex 4 years ago
  • ValeriaRandy 4 years ago
    pipets ... looking for bread, found .... the question, why in the window was it in the picture to put ... I doubt that everyone is reading the description, could at least make a picture with bread and without ...
  • edgeviz 4 years ago
    please change your image to one without the bread. that is a huge misunderstanding as the render image should show exactly what you have in the 3D files to avoid confusion
  • full-blood 4 years ago
    No bread, no texture
  • Bahodir3 4 years ago
    horror - there is no bread
  • amt_3 4 years ago
    With a limit of 3 models, spread out models with objects that are not in the file ... somehow not ice ...
  • die_Seele 4 years ago
    take away the bread! the same situation, downloaded without reading the description (((
  • artistjsh 4 years ago
    gosh there's no bread
  • joncruz 3 years ago
    This is totally crap.....it should title SHOWCASE not showcase BREAD.
  • NAny 3 years ago
    There is no bread, no cakes, nothing for people to fool their heads and show on the previews.
  • azizio 3 years ago
    Like without bread?
  • ELENAZHEN 2 years ago
    In vain I downloaded, I was delighted with the rolls
  • chocolatekingdom 2 years ago
    eat these soft french rolls and drink some tea
  • planetdesighn 2 years ago
    Hmm, I was looking for this bread as starving))))))) and did not find it and all thought something with a vira
  • Sarendel year ago
    Evil hot author, left so many people hungry!)
  • дараy year ago
    That feeling when you downloaded it, and after a second you read the comments
  • Карифана year ago
    why not just add bread to the scene ... a very strange person by
  • faizi_27 11 months ago
    fuck you!
  • andrew95 11 months ago
    FU so much !!
  • Galina Dineva Design 7 months ago
    Fake image, does not respond to the 3d model.
  • samaaetqanstudio week ago
    مافيه مخبوزات... فاعل خير
  • crazy1 7 years ago
    thank you
  • AnnaGanus 7 years ago
    and where the bread ?!
    • Shewolf 7 years ago
      and do not read the description?
      • Redartiom 4 years ago
        Damn, too, grabbed, a show-window with rolls not having read)))) All the same thanks!)))
  • becky_1228 7 years ago
  • armenianmodels 7 years ago
    Thank you!
  • cosku* 6 years ago
    me too
  • javlaysan 6 years ago
    Me too!!!!
  • pohaa 6 years ago
  • OSWALDO 6 years ago
  • Анета 5 years ago
    Thank you!
  • HHYY 5 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Tatochka777 4 years ago
    Thank you!
  • kemaltm 4 years ago
    Thank you from TURKMENISTAN!
  • herbaciarka3d 4 years ago
  • KingLaugh 4 years ago
    There is no bread :/
  • bossmbl 4 years ago
    suck,no bread
  • vdstudio2012 4 years ago
    nadurili. no bread (
  • ambalathe 4 years ago
    i am trapped
  • Man92 3 years ago
    Bread!? Lol
  • NoNick064 3 years ago
  • Paulus 2 years ago
    mouse hanged
  • enesalp 2 years ago
  • hoe970 2 years ago
    Thank you! :-)
  • DowJones 2 years ago
  • faizi_27 11 months ago
  • andrew95 11 months ago
    like Faizi_27 said !
  • rached1991 2 months ago
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Showcase Bread Leo02free

model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2012 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 2 MB
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Wood

Bread showcase Leo02 production ES SYSTEM. Is made in two sizes - 0.9 m and 1.3 m. Bread is not mine, it is not in the scene.


bread, showcase