• Ilonka_Bo 4 years ago
    What stylish little presents! Very atmospheric and cozy! Great work!
  • jocker 4 years ago
    Class! They know how the same people)
  • tejashree 4 years ago
  • pletenka 4 years ago
    Certainly the New Year! Festive!
  • lostinsight 4 years ago
    Thank you, really nice and Merry Christmas!
  • shamsudheen 4 years ago
    Very cool looking...Grate work ! Good luck
  • AlexHappy 4 years ago
    Ofiget .. one work better than the other! Very cool!!! You see against the background of these works their real level is very low .. :)
    • deto4ka 4 years ago
      Thank you). Do not cry the blues!)))) You have a wonderful competition works, especially the house :)
  • oksolka 4 years ago
    That's yeah! Perfectly!
  • OlegPN 4 years ago
    Class, thanks for the atmosphere, for work, very cool!
  • zevsart 4 years ago
    cozy, class +++
  • AlexDonRumata 4 years ago
  • freewindfairy 4 years ago
    Just wonderful - thank you!
  • vidab 4 years ago
    there are similarities, nice try:http://postimg.org/image/hxigr18k1/ 
    • liudovik 4 years ago
      da ocheidna shodtsva
    • rostikch 4 years ago
      To me, the worse :) reference work just fine.
  • liudovik 4 years ago
  • student-student 4 years ago
    Vaaasche))) Great !!! Thank you!!
  • davinchiwoo 4 years ago
  • barel 4 years ago
    Great model and overall mood :)
  • fast_pulse 4 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Interior-Art 4 years ago
    suuuuuuuuper !!!!!!!!
  • Legkiy 4 years ago
  • 5hossam5 4 years ago
    wonderful !!!!! amazing
  • Salivan 4 years ago
    Uyutnenko. Very, very much)))) The atmosphere of the class!
  • rostikch 4 years ago
    Until then atmospheric and magical! Right Spirit of Christmas! Megakruto! Good luck in the contest! +++
  • deto4ka 4 years ago
    Thank you all for the nice comments about my work. I am glad that I was able to cheer you up)
  • Aniow 4 years ago
    Excellent work) If not a secret how much time is spent?)
    • deto4ka 4 years ago
      Thank you). Two weeks in the evenings after the main work)
      • Aniow 4 years ago
        clear) atmosphere in your work very cozy) Thanks, I'm glad that you liked)
  • AnnaLiulica 4 years ago
    Fabulous work!) Is very atmospheric and beautiful !!!
  • rm-style 4 years ago
    a large set of different meshes !!!
  • JustFindMe 4 years ago
    very beautiful )
  • cheloovechek 4 years ago
    Thank you for your New Year's mood)) my voice your)))))
  • Vuples 4 years ago
    Good luck!
  • Лена7881 4 years ago
  • Alleandra3D 4 years ago
    The most atmospheric work!
  • kazachenok 4 years ago
    Atmosferaaa ... right down to
  • Миля21 4 years ago
  • Generasim 4 years ago
    Cool made! It would be more correct to make the preview of the design rules. Some biases can be traced to one ... return model several times, because the model is not in the center or need a uniform background, all other indulgences. Nothing personal, your work is worthy. What is the archive? All that is in the picture?
    • deto4ka 4 years ago
      The archive everything that is in the picture. Frankly I do not understand what kind of bias it. This whole composition, not one chair or herringbone, I decided to attach somewhere on the side). Background model, too, and also in the archive). Thank you for a good evaluation of my work)
      • Generasim 4 years ago
        Oh, you are excluded, litter, did not know that all this is in the archive. I'm talking about the general trends suggest that one lays out the background preview, passed, other spreads, do not accept. Some guys complained about it. deto4ka, nothing personal, sorry if touched.
        • deto4ka 4 years ago
          Yes, you have not touched at all))), everything is OK. And in about models, mine too wrapped)), and what to do))) sigh, and go fix)
  • deto4ka 4 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • Matildin 4 years ago
    What a beautiful fairy-tale atmosphere! Thanks to the author !!! Right back to childhood))) And so cozy, warm, home-like!
  • mingor 4 years ago
    Classwork! It is interesting to me one upside down star peak confused? )))
  • kyrios 4 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • Annushka2015 4 years ago
    Oh, I really like it! fantastic atmosphere! Thank you for your mood.
  • olyny 4 years ago
    Very nice work! True Magic!
  • Generasim 4 years ago
  • vladyshka 4 years ago
    Talented person is talented in everything. Good luck to you!!!!!
  • genok 4 years ago
    Needles I understand geometry made of?
  • НастасияЛ 4 years ago
    Thank you!!!
  • OlesyaLOFT 4 years ago
    Very beautiful! Well done!!!
  • Leyami 3 years ago
    and look straight forward look of the new year)))) thank you very nice and cozy even fabulously
  • NatalaNS 3 years ago
    Deleted comment
  • NatalaNS 3 years ago
    Oh, girls, boys, such Milota !! :) Thank you!
  • OJIeIIIka 3 years ago
    Thank you. great. Achieved very cool!
  • Sapsan 3 years ago
    Clever !!!
  • Graция 3 years ago
    beautiful fantastic job!)))) 5+
  • lampaalladina 3 years ago
    i love it!
  • bormax 3 years ago
    Visualization is beautiful, but bought a scene does not correspond to this image: missing materials and lighting elements, objects in the scene, and other forms of lower quality.

    For example, there is no material on the stars on the tree, there is a side of the light source illuminating the scene left no adjustment of global illumination, no camera, the box under the tree other and form, and on the materials tree in the stage of another form and substantially lysee than in the picture , the flames in the fireplace was turned upside down, in a scene candles on the fireplace are other and much more on the little things ...

    I bought the scene on the image and hoped that it corresponds to it.
    • deto4ka 3 years ago
      On the site is not available for download scene and model. According to the rules 3ddd should not be foreign objects, such as a camera or a side light. And its configuration global illumination I do not obliged to show to anyone. All models and textures to visualize the presence there in the archive. The model is downloaded more than 900 times, before problems arose.
      • bormax 3 years ago
        "All the models and textures to visualize the presence there in the archive."
        Perhaps the texture in the archive is, but what's the point, if there is no material or links to masks? For example, the material of the star on the tree MultiMat_14. It consists of two VrayBlendMtl, who do not have in itself any materials and textures (masks) all the slots are empty.

        The problem with not only material. Part of the archives of models different from those in the picture. For example, the tree model in the archive is less than half of the needles, tree than in the picture. candles on the fireplace model also differs from that in the picture.

        "The model is downloaded more than 900 times, before problems arose."
        I also have no problem, I replaced the tree and fix all the flaws.

        I buy and order quite a few models, but such a strong discrepancy between the marketing picture and see the real product for the first time, and therefore write about it.
      • Adesign interior 2 years ago
        Hello! Do not tell me why the tree is not like your renderer, I do not have such a thick, sparse needles (
        • AlbinaRezaeva 2 years ago
          similarly! a bare tree, and there are no textures on the balls
        • alkid 10 months ago
          It suddenly became clear that when rendering a Christmas tree on a transparent background, the PNG format “eats up” the ends of the needles due to which the Christmas tree looks much more bald than it actually is. Had to save in TIF with transparency.
  • PROST1R 3 years ago
  • ravelin3d 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • dimits 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • Sapsan 3 years ago
    ". For example, the material of the star on the tree MultiMat_14 It consists of two VRayBlendMtl, who do not have in itself any materials and textures (masks) all the slots are empty ..." - it's true, dear deto4ka difficult if you do not correct this time please!
  • Op-art 3 years ago
    Hooray, I bought a fairy tale)
    Thank you)
  • avdiva 3 years ago
    That is to say thank you - to say nothing Well this song, not work !!! Low bow to you !!! And those who are not happy with what -So - where else can you find such elaborate scene for just 110 rubles ?! This is sooo small price tag for such quality !!!
  • Kasko.a 3 years ago
    Superski scene, but not all materials are present (
  • greenline 3 years ago
    Thank you!
  • 7c 3 years ago
    Beautiful!! Marvelous! !
  • Good-modeller 3 years ago
    Awesome !!! Thank you very much for the mood !!!!
  • iaciac 3 years ago
    Nice model. Is it possible to have OBJ....? I am Cinema 4D user. Thanks.
  • space_solutions 3 years ago
    That's decor! Super!
  • Planka 3 years ago
    Perfectly! Vauuuuuuuuuuuu!
  • Johnsooon 3 years ago
    Excellent! Thank you so much!
  • Hi-Ga 3 years ago
    in any case, this model bought by me allows me to create an interior much faster))) Thanks to the author))))
  • Umina 2 years ago
    Thank you so much! Very very cool model!
  • Maxxxxxxim 2 years ago
    Thank you
  • ilgar005 2 years ago
    SPASIBO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • olika89 2 years ago
    A wonderful Christmas tree!
    Thanks for the set modelek and New Year's mood!))
  • mari.m91 2 years ago
    How beautiful !!!!! Work raises New Year's mood)))
  • 031089zaika year ago
    Thank you very much for your work!)
  • Victoria_86 year ago
    Everything is great, but the weight of the entire scene immediately leads to sadness. After unpacking the file, the scene indicated 99.48 mb becomes 247 mb.
  • Anatylia year ago
    Thank you
  • Fruitgum 10 months ago
    Deleted comment
  • sahraroz 9 months ago
    well done
  • julia1993 9 months ago
    The model is not bad, but the tree is really bald .. I wanted to attach a screen, but in the comments you can’t. Sorry (
  • ValeriiaDS 9 months ago
    I really like it!
  • Hadi.darvishi 8 months ago
    wow , very nice job . good luck
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Platform: 3dsMax 2009 и ниже
Render: Vray
Size: 95 MB
Date: 2015.12.19 16:04
Style: Ethnic
Material: Fabric Organics

What is important in the celebration? Probably, its atmosphere. When in the air around you soar the enchanting sounds and smells waiting for a miracle and magic ...