• Aivory 7 months ago
    Volvo's new design is of course very cool, but the price is just ...
    • Zolty 7 months ago
      Volvo's new design is of course very bad, but the price is just ...
      • deshem 7 months ago
        have long ceased to make an interesting ergonomic design, unfortunately
      • sashanon 7 months ago
        agree slid down to level 4
    • c3dm 7 months ago
      150 p. Total
    • HelloSPB 7 months ago
      it’s like 150 rubles. not expensive, just like everyone
  • AlexHappy 7 months ago
    So fast? How??
    • cgalex 7 months ago
      He neither sleeps nor eats) only cocaine, only hardcore, I see no other explanation))
      • itisMe 7 months ago
        Someone: How many models can you make in a day?
        Zifir: All
    • zifir 7 months ago
      not fast, 10 days did it in my free time
      • c3dm 7 months ago
        those. was there some more time?
    • Mr.Gutkit 7 months ago
      Deleted comment
  • AndrewX 7 months ago
    And the tidy, the box is also modeled there?
    • zifir 7 months ago
      no. The interior is made very conditionally, only to be visible through the glass
      • AndrewX 7 months ago
        Well, you can see that the steering wheel is generally generally cool!
  • Sarbagyshev 7 months ago
    Willy Wonka underground nickname Ziphir, all this is the work of the Upalups ... It all fits together))
  • Barbatana 7 months ago
    Really clean mesh and amazing topology of car body. Pro job man, really Pro job.
  • ygoryan 7 months ago
    the letter L disappeared on the grid, it turned out VO VO))
  • maltsev_stepan 7 months ago
    Shine! Added to bookmarks in the style of Agutin)
  • pgrundet 7 months ago
    Will there be VRay model?
    • zifir 7 months ago
      Yes. Either tonight or tomorrow morning
    • zifir 7 months ago
  • zevsart 7 months ago
  • 3D Estate 2 months ago
    So out of the 3 textures used, two of them are badly named and requires renaming, editing in model, and resaving, while the third is stolen from Evermotion. How did this get approved by 3dsky?
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Volvo XC40 / XC40 recharge 2020pro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + fbx
Render: Corona
Size: 21 MB
Date: 2019.11.18 15:21
Formfactor: Rectangle
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Plastic