• Turbogang 4 years ago
    cool, very nice
  • fill_art 4 years ago
  • neveroqtno 4 years ago
    nice model, the chicken looks so real !
  • AuRu 4 years ago
    Now that the oven will be used in all projects)) to Zaki emanated saliva))
    • az2 4 years ago
      The main thing to not izayti ... I try very seldom look at her, begins to want to eat constantly))
      • neonka 3 years ago
        Boys, you are a boy)) Although the right, something to hide. I too took a bite of chicken.
        Thank you, class models, I just asked for a little more food on the kitchen add)
  • koshees 4 years ago
    Super! Thank you)
  • stamonchik 4 years ago
    Classroom model
  • niko-ea 4 years ago
  • Deradenitis 4 years ago
    • TRAFFIC_rus 4 years ago
      Vegan is detected? ))))
      • Deradenitis 4 years ago
        Trite. You can do better
        • TRAFFIC_rus 4 years ago
          ))) Thank you. Yes, I can, but vegans touchy for me - not banality and unbridled joy. I can not pass by. If the past, then I'm sorry, but if touched, then well ..%)) ZY By the way, I wonder how many of these on the site? And now razed to the ground ..)))
          • Deradenitis 4 years ago
            Why should I be offended if I do rawfoodist? =) A fun, yeah, I, too, when it nebylo understand why all this. I'm nothing will persuade. One tell you a secret: ((Quality of life and thinking)), but inappropriately to think about it, eat myaska let Energo spent on its digestion and assimilation)
            • az2 4 years ago
              Tastes differ. Both of you fellows, because one cheerful, the other because of a healthy lifestyle. And I, too, well done, because ...
            • Deradenitis 4 years ago
              it did not taste, but a way of life and thinking. If I talked about the taste of the barbecue is definitely tasty, and the beer is delicious. But what's the point if the first is killing the planet, and the other of us. But of course, everyone has the right to choose, except for animals, because they are stupid, and because they are foods that should udovoletvoryat his desires and stomach.
            • az2 4 years ago
            • TRAFFIC_rus 4 years ago
              Yes, yes, yes .. The same mantra. )) Superficial arguments on the environmental and health, wonderfully combined with the usual disregard consumerism in other areas, where all these "enlightened people" successfully litter the planet with the rest of humanity. ))) But here, choose one direction and they boast everywhere. Typical show-off, more than anything I can say about it. I have not met any vegan / raw foodists, who could at least something coherent to say. And so, yes, everyone has different tastes, some tunnels in the ears makes someone tatuha fills or beard grows, and some choose not to eat meat .. subculture. ))
            • Deradenitis 4 years ago
              The dispute will be useless, obviously known. Being determines consciousness. Sleep.
            • Boom year ago
              And strangely enough, I often notice vegans and other raw foodists in leather shoes, and sometimes jackets.)
  • rm-style 4 years ago
    all could not stand it, I'll go to dinner!)) class!
  • Ejevich_ 4 years ago
    Appetizing! It seems ready))
  • Lionak 4 years ago
    Super modelka! And the light, which is very important! Thank you !
  • 3dimentii 4 years ago
    download the model for chickens)) pasib
    • az2 4 years ago
      Oven Samsung is not only valuable fur ...)
      • mgn 3 years ago
  • maxpro1 4 years ago
    \ Thanks for the chicken)
    • az2 4 years ago
      To your health)
  • big_danver 4 years ago
    Thank you!!! Beauty!!!
  • Dobryi_Zhyk 3 years ago
    Thank you)))
  • miomio 3 years ago
    Thank you! So tasty!))
  • ft6308 3 years ago
    Chic model! Tasty done. Thank you!
  • VMR 3 years ago
    shikaaaarnoooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lazko 2 years ago
    Thank you!
  • sahraroz 7 months ago
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Built-in oven Samsung NV70H5787CBpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2011 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 15 MB
Date: 2016.03.26 02:41
Formfactor: Square
Style: Modern
Material: Metal Glass

Built-in electric oven Samsung NV70H5787CB http://www.samsung.com/ru/consumer/home-appliances/cooking-appliances/oven/NV70H5787CB/WT  Chicken with potatoes present in the plate. Enjoy your meal and view.