Window Collection Part 6

                                    Window Collection Part 6
  • 3dsMax 2015 + fbx (Vray)
  • 27.78 MB
  • 2019.03.06 13:30
  • Classic
  • glass, plastic, aluminum, metal, double glazing, balcony, window sill, spras, glazing, set, molding
  • Window Systems VEKA Veka WHS-60 profile Window handle ROTO SWING Molding ML 139

    The kit consists of 6 windows and 4 materials. All sizes correspond to real All objects have corresponding names. The model is located in the center of coordinates. Window sizes are easy to edit.

    The collection of plastic windows consists of 2 Single window 2 double windows 2 three-leaved windows

    A set of windows, suitable for classic, Scandinavian and other styles.

    Polys: 176 388 Verts: 181,872

    Archive Formats: 3D Max 2015, 3D Max 2018, FBX

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