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  • Modern
  • office furniture, table, chair, floor lamp, monitor, keyboard, pencils, imac, apple, chancery, book, desktop, office, armchair, a computer, clock, set, baguette, poster, frame, décor, ikea, mouse, writing accessories, headphones, lamp, curbstone, alarm clock, bin, mirror, vase, horse, a shelf
  • Workplace with Apple equipment, furniture and decor Ikea.

    Apple iMac 2015 27 inch.

    Table with 2 drawers Ikea HEMNES. Dimensions: 120x47x75 cm. Article number: 403.632.25

    Drawer with drawers Ikea ALEX. Dimensions: 36x58x70 cm. Article number: 503.849.01

    Working chair Ikea CULLABERG. Dimensions: 58х58х94 cm. Article number: 403.730.31

    Shelf hinged Ikea EKBI HEMNES / EKBI ZHOL. Dimensions: 79x19x25 cm. Article number: 592.440.63

    Floor lamp Ikea HOLME. Dimensions: 22x116 cm. Article number: 603.941.22

    Alarm clock Ikea DECADE. Dimensions: 10x6x14 cm. Article number: 404.038.20

    Trash bin Ikea FNISS. Article number: 103.889.63

    Ikea candle light. Dimensions: 15x15x28 cm. Article number: 603.716.63

    Horse Ikea FINANCE. Dimensions: 25x26 cm. Article number: 303.803.86

    Mirror of Ikea CARMUNDE. Dimensions: 27x43 cm. Article number: 203.692.52

    Vase and 6 aromatic sticks Ikea NEWTNING. Dimensions: 8.5x24 cm. Article number: 503.618.10

    Stand for magazines Ikea THIENDS. Dimensions: 10x25x30 cm. Article number: 203.954.73

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