• 3drj year ago
    on a light path ...))
    • ArtemTkachenko year ago
      But what about the school bus ... I was hoping to see him))) In the wedding paraphernalia, to the bumper with tied banks)))
  • Eugene_Malakhov year ago
    Rent a Retro Auto mad attendants worth it! This is not some kind of you deshman)
  • zuleika year ago
    I waited for the machine! And then somehow it would be non-kosher in such a competition and without a car! Super!
  • ArtemTkachenko year ago
    Why did LT * give ???
    Last races [mask3d] for the field gave LT * fixed later on PRO.
    Than this Zis worse NIVY ???
  • Di06 year ago
    Pfff my tandem even banks there! =)
    Cool zys! =)
    • Sarbagyshev year ago
      You have cans, ZIS had three-liter ones, and with cucumbers, by the way! )
  • Elena_71 year ago
    Here it is krutoten !!!! Super!!! I think that from this moment the first place is taken. Now we are waiting for the model of the newlyweds, there is still time.
  • OlegPN year ago
    cool machine, cool work! incomprehensible lt for me.
  • Grek04 year ago
    Cool model and the grid seems to be correct, and why LT?
  • Jacot year ago
  • mjrism year ago
    Thank you
  • c3dm year ago
    Deleted comment
  • Капустка year ago
    And why is the model not on the list of contestants?
    • c3dm year ago
      I do not know myself, without explanation - but they replaced LT on missile defense, which of course pleases, but why they took it off, maybe they just forgot to add it?
      • Капустка year ago
        write to moderators, but the vote has already opened
        • c3dm year ago
          wrote, waiting here (
          • Elena_71 year ago
            So, what did they write to you? Expose the model?
            • c3dm year ago
              have returned
              I'll start
            • Elena_71 year ago
              Victory! Victory! And once again victory !!! Sincerely I support you !!!!
  • zuleika year ago
    And where did she disappear? How so, and yesterday there were 2 pages of models, and today one ... sho for ....
    • Капустка year ago
      According to the tag "wedding contest" is the only model not included in the list of contestants.
      • c3dm year ago
        dropped out)
        • zuleika year ago
          and estimates are zeroed or what? well ....
          • c3dm year ago
            Nitsche, if it's worth it, it means it will be)
  • Noin year ago
    Good model, definitely 5 ku
  • nitrogen092 year ago
    Congratulations on Prokha! I wanted to vote, but there are no models among the contestants ...
    • c3dm year ago
      Deleted comment
  • c3dm year ago
    Returned! Thank)
  • Elena_71 year ago
    It is a pity if they do not expose your work. For me, you are definitely a winner !!!!
  • zevsart year ago
  • Zom6ie year ago
    Good model!
  • Kolxo3NIK year ago
    Gorgeous !!!
  • artrender.info year ago
    Great job !!! And they lived happily ever after....
  • MARSALA year ago
  • Not enough cans behind)
  • ego Aryan year ago
    Great, I definitely vote for your work !!!
  • DaNPride year ago
    I do not know what the wedding is about, but I really like the model. And this retro looks cooler than modern supercars.
  • nitrogen092 year ago
    Eh, a pity the model did not come out in the top three ...
    • c3dm year ago
      Competitors wizard)
      Do not just be fought.
      Thank you all for your support, it was interesting)
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Zis 101 A Sportpro


model details

Platform: 3dsMax 2013 + obj
Render: Vray
Size: 66 MB
Date: 2019.02.20 07:33
Style: Classic
Material: Metal Glass

He will make the wedding special. Straight from the registry office and on the serpentine on the southern coast to enjoy your morning coffee after a stormy wedding night

Created in 1939 by a team of young designers of the Stalin Automobile Plant. The car is built in a single copy, personified the highest achievement of the Soviet automobile industry and was the pride of the plant. The appearance of the ZIS 101 Sport turned out to be quite futuristic, which had quite impressive characteristics for its time (and indeed, a record for the level of development of the then auto industry in the country) characteristics. The 8-cylinder forced engine of a little more than 6 liters developed power to 141 horsepower. According to calculations, the car was supposed to develop 180 km / h, on tests of the ZiS-101A Sport showed 162.4 km / h.

330810 polys 295894 verts