Zizi and Swan Lake. Opera collection.

                                    Zizi and Swan Lake. Opera collection.
  • 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Corona)
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  • 2019.08.25 22:09
  • Ethnic
  • mouse, zizi, dance, pack, flask, glass, benoit, composition, ballet
  • A glass bulb, a wooden base, and a colored papier-mâché mouse, which makes each model unique. height: 25 cm, diameter: 12.5 cm.

    Benoit Vuebled offers us lighting designers who reinvent the spirit of the “rarity cabinet” and make us travel in a childish and poetic world.

    Created and manufactured in France. Each creation, completely made by hand, is unique and inimitable. Dimensions are given as an indication and may vary from a few centimeters.

    https://www.benoit-vieubled.com/fr/galerie-mice-s-circus  Archived 2013 Mach and OBJ corona renderer

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