TimeZoom v1.0 Maxscript

                                    TimeZoom v1.0 Maxscript
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  • 2017.05.21 09:58
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  • Time Zoom is a custom code extension for Autodesk 3ds Max software in a script form. It elliminates the limitations of the original editing components and makes use of sofware much easier. LE version of the script is FREE and provides basic elements and settings to user. Pro Version (user can buy it and activate using request code) allows more precise and flexible settings. ----------------- This script allows you zoom in / out timeline much more comfortable. Works for curve editor also. You can start the script when you need it. Drag and drop it to 3ds Max interface, or by Utilities. Current version: 1.0. System requirements: 3dsmax from 2012 to 2017 TZoom Features: Zoom button - On / Off (+10 - 10 frames by default) Number and Slider: Half of the active Timeline zone for Zoom (from the current Time) (Pro only) Set Middle: Move Active Timeline zone current time (current time will be the middle of the active timeline zone) (Pro only) ------------------ Must Have script for 3ds Max animators!

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