The owner of the PRO account gets the opportunity of free downloading PRO models and more FREE models.

The number of accesses per day depends on the sales rating (stones).

To get PRO account, It is required to send at least 10 PRO and 5 FREE models

OM models and LT models are not taken into consideration in obtaining Pro-status

PRO account is valid for 90 days and must be renewed by recertification

1. PRO account can use one Person only.  Using PRO account by groups of persons is prohibited.

The owner PRO account - is the author of 3d models (modeler), who created an account on

2. PRO account can’t be redistributed or sold / bought

3. Forbidden to create an ordered PRO account

In all these cases, persons involved in the violation will be banned forever

It is necessary and enough to send 1 PRO model, PRO status will be extended for another 90 days

1. Keep an eye on the counter before the end of the recertification, it is located above the "Download" button on any page with 3d model

2. PRO account cannot be extended for more than 90 days

3. If the PRO account hasn't been renewed within 2 years, the administration reserves the right to transfer it to a regular account, and transfer all PRO models to LT

If you did not pass the recertification within the established period of 90 days and your status is suspended, you will not lose your PRO account. The ability to download PRO/LT models will resume immediately after the model passes moderation as PRO model

Our site carried a Royalties on sales of access to PRO and LT models

Royalties are not affected by having a PRO account

Please note that download statistics are not equal to purchase statistics.

Sales statistics take into account sales on and on (Russian-language mirror)

The cost of the PRO model on 3dsky is $ 7

The cost of the PRO model on 3ddd - 150 rubles

Income accrued in rubles

The cost of access affects the type of payment.  The cost of access affects buying time also, because access can be purchased 1-2 years ago, when the price was lower

The percentage of copyright depends on the number of sales

The minimum allocations based on service charge and tax statement is ~ 40%

Minimum withdrawal threshold - 1000 rubles

Each withdrawal request is processed manually, so there may be delays in payments up to 1-2 days

Withdrawal of income is carried out on:

- Webmoney wallets (WMZ). When transferring funds to your website (, a protection code will be sent to activate the funds in the Webmoney system

- Paypal

- Payoneer

The criteria by which status of 3d model is determined are individual.

- The decision on the status is made exclusively by the moderator, you don’t need to contact administrators

- Moderation of users, who’s already have PRO account goes in the simplified mode.

- For users who are actively uploads high-quality 3d models into base, there is a most favored nation treatment

- Do not try to compare your models with other models, this argument will simply not be taken into attention.

- The moderator has the right to require additional information: portfolio, confirmation of authorship

- If the model has not passed moderation, moderator sends a justification for his decision. Be attentive and respectful of his requirements; careful correction of errors is the guarantee that the model will be accepted

- If you have any questions, ask the moderator in PM, do not breed a flood on the forum

- To obtain or confirm the PRO status, 3d models with the same geometry will be counted this way: one model will receive PRO, the rest - LT. For example, chandeliers with different number of horns, 2seater + 3seater sofa, etc