Take a close look at the 3d model icon

If 3d model has PRO-status:

Step 1 - buy PRO access (you can buy at least 2 PRO)

Step 2 - download any 3d models in PRO-status, at your convenience

In case of loss of PRO or unsuccessful download, you can restore it in the purchase history

If you already have PRO access - the subsequent purchase is summarized

If the icon is FREE or OM and you do not have enough 3 accesses per day:

Step 1 - Buy Advanced Access FREE (1 to 12 months)

Step 2 - download the necessary FREE models in quantity up to 30 models per day FREE models are not saving in the purchase history.

FREE enhanced access purchase does not renew automatically

PRO access costs $7 for one PRO 3d model

The minimum order amount is $ 14 ( you can download any two PRO models )

Accrued in ine time only. Accesses is not renewing automatically

For new access, you need to place another order

Extended access FREE for 1 month - $18

Every day, 30 free accesses are provided. The validity of the subscription is considered from the date of purchase

Attention! Shopping on can be done by residents of the CIS countries only If you live outside the CIS, you must shopping at

Otherwise, you violate the User Agreement Your account may be blocked and fined.

Models are better to download in one stream only.

If the download process is interrupted due to a poor internet connection, use a free downloader program, such as Flashget

To reduce file sizes, pack all models in archives.

Before using the model, you need to unpack the archive. Use free Winrar app for this.

After unpacking archive, move all the textures into default folder with textures, then import the model into the scene

Important: the units in your scene must be in millimeters