When you, as a Buyer, download 3D Model from the Website database for free or pay a license fee for 3D Model, 3DWorld LTD provides you with a non-exclusive, personal, non-transferable and revocable license, which applies to the territory of all countryes (hereinafter - “License”) and rights:

1. Make copies of 3D Model, as well as download and store it on electronic media (the right to publication);

2. Publicly demonstrate the Model (the right to publication);

3. Modify 3D Model in accordance with the Terms of Use for Buyers (right to change);

4. Use the downloaded 3D Model to create Derivative Works in accordance with the Terms of Use for Buyers.

We do not provide ownership of 3D Models. Therefore, when downloading 3D model, you do not acquire ownership of 3D Model itself, but only a license to use this 3D Model. Please read the Terms of Use for Buyers, which create a legal relationship between you and 3DWorld LTD, in order to learn more about the terms of the License to use Models.