1. The use of the account by a group of persons is prohibited. The owner of the account is the Author of the models, who registered an account on

2. The account can not be redistributed or sold / bought

3. You cannot create more than one account

In all three cases, the persons involved in the violation will be banned forever

You need to send a request through the feedback form

You can download up to 3 FREE models per day If the balance is zero - there is one or more accounts on your IP are registered.

Solution Options:

1. Change your IP

2. Buy extended FREE access, which guarantees you daily 30 FREE models for 30 days, despite the third-party accounts on your IP

It is important to understand that the site administration provides free access to models on its own initiative, and not as an obligation

The first 3 days after registration you are in the “read” mode

If for some reason the PRO model download was interrupted,

you can always download it again from the Purchase History in your profile and it's free

This feature does not apply to the FREE and OM models

Per day, one user to another user can put not more than +2 and -1

If the reputation is equal to or less than -5, the user is switched to read only mode (read only)

Reputation automatically grows when you add:

3d Model PRO, +5


To delete your account, you need to contact TechSupport on behalf of the account.