There are two types of models on our bsite: PRO (paid) and FREE.

PRO models you can purchase in one of two ways:

1. Purchasing PRO models through the cart:

  • Step 1 - add PRO models to cart (minimum purchase amount $14)
  • Step 2 - pay for your purchase

2. Download PRO models for the accesses:

  • Step 1 - buy the accesses (minimum purchase amount $14)
  • Step 2 - download any PRO model for the access

All PRO models purchased through the cart or downloaded for accesses are available for repeated downloads from the model page or from your purchase history an unlimited number of times.

FREE models you can download for free up to 3 models per day after registration

But if you need to download more than 3 FREE models per day:

FREE models are not counted in your purchase history