Look at the icon of the model

If model is PRO 

step 1 - Buy PRO access (minimum 2 PRO)

step 2 - Download any 2 PRO when you need 

If model is FREE or OM, but you need advanced FREE access 

step 1 - Buy FREE access (1 month minimum)

step 2 - Download any FREE models (30 FREE per day for 1 month)

3D model types:

1. Free (good quality models).
2. PROFI (models of higher quality).
3. OM (official 3D models available from manufacturers and free for distribution).

To download  pro models, 15 models of your own work (5 good quality + 10 of pro level) have to be uploaded onto our database. If one of your uploaded models is purchased for download by another user you’ll be paid 50% of its purchase price.

Or you can purchase the convenient tariff plan

To confirm the status you need to send 1 PRO model every 90 days.


1. Keep an eye on re-certification counter. It’s located on the button “Download “ at any model’s page.
2. The status cannot be extended by more than 90 days.
3. Users, which already past re-certification before system changing, keeping the rights to download as before. But no longer than 365 days from the last re-certification. Then those users will be joined to new re-certification system.

To improve the rewards system and for equitable distribution pro user’s privileges we change the system of royalties from sale accesses.

Look at the table:

Interest depends on sales and tied to pro-rated sales ( stones ). You can now receive up to 70% of net incoming from models sales. Interest payments start rising from “ Ruby “.

In addition, the number of accesses, which PRO user can download are separated on free/pro and depend on sales. Users, who just became a PRO users, and who has low ratings receive less benefits. Users, who have higher ratings receive more benefits

LT (PRO light) model - high quality and relevant 3d model, the level of complexity is not above average, with  correctly configured textures and materials.

Intelligible and high-quality preview

LT model does not affect the receipt and review of PRO status

LT model does not affect certification

LT model is equivalent to PRO, for royalties and cost

LT sales count are taken into account in the sales rating (stones)

The site carried a royalty on sales of access to PRO and PRO light models

The cost of pro at 3ddd - 150 rubles

The cost of pro model at 3dsky - $ 7 (the payment generates in rubles on the MICEX exchange rate on the day of payment)

Sales statistics counts all sales at and at

Note that the statistics of downloads does not equal buying statistics

Sales data you can see in your profile

The cost of access affects the type of payment

The cost of access affects buying time also, because access can be purchased 1-2 years ago, when the price was lower

The percentage of copyright depends on the number of sales

The minimum allocations based on service charge and tax statement is ~ 40%

Sales statistics can be seen in Profile

Withdraw through PayPal, ePayments

Model preparation to uploading into database

This Instruction has been created for our users and should help to save the time of preparation and uploading models into database.

Look at the Example of proper Preview:


Preview size should be minimum 640px. The Preview form should be squared

1. Uninformative View.


2.  The small Model Size relative to the total area of the Preview.


3. Missing Materials.


4. The Model offset from Center of the Preview.


5. Exotic View.


6. Model merges with the Background ( better to keep white, black, or grey – depends of model color ).


7. Patterned Background.


8. Overexposure.


9. Underexposure.


10. Extra Objects on Preview


11. Preview Disproportion.


12. Keep approximately 5% of empty space on Preview.


13. This is how the proper File Scene looks.


14. This is how improper File Scene looks ( helpers, cameras, lights and other extra objects, except model )


If your MAX Version higher than 2009 be sure, that Export Files FBX or OBJ is included in the Archive.

Use our rendering studio:

Thank you for Attention.
3dsky Administration.

The data models is replenished by the principle of mutual exchange: users, who upload the models into data base, have the opportunity to join the PRO-group and use its privileges. As a result, the quality of models is directly depends on modeler’s level, who’s collect data models. In common interest is creation of high-quality, relevant data models. So, we can make several important conclusions:
* Pro-status must be earned. Is granted to user, which is able to create the model the required level;
* Pro-status granted to a specific user and only he can work with it. Pro-status can not be bought, given, etc .;
* Pro-status is required to confirm by regular re-certification;
* Strict requirements in selecting candidates for confirmation and Pro-status.

1. How to get the pro-status?

   1.1 It is required to send at least 5 models of good quality and 10 models of PRO-level quality;
   1.2 Models "OM" is not taken into consideration in obtaining Pro-status;
   1.3 Pro-1 status to be confirmed every 90 days.

2. What are the benefits PRO-user has?

Pro-users are able to download at least 20 models per day and receive royalties from selling their models.

3. What is a Pro-Model?

This high-quality and relevant model, which is created properly and the appropriate current requirements.

4. Pro or Free?

It is difficult to describe all of the criteria which define the status of 3D model - each case is different. General rules: 
   4.1 The decision about the model’s status depends on moderator; 
   4.2 Moderation of users, who’s already have PRO-status goes in the simplified mode; 
   4.3 Active users, who uploads models into data base with high-quality models, are most favored; 
   4.4 Do not try to compare your models with other user’s models, this argument simply will not be taken in attention;
   4.5 The moderator has the right to request additional information: model portfolio, confirmation of authorship, etc .;
   4.6 If the model has not passed moderation - the moderator sends the reasons for its decision. Take a look on it and respect requirements, accurate correction of errors - a guarantee that the model will be adopted; 
   4.7 If you have any questions - ask the moderator to the PM ( private message );
   4.8 To obtain or confirm the Pro-status, pro-model with the same geometry will be counted: 1 model as PRO model and the others as LT models. For example, a chandelier with different number of horns, 2 bed + 3 seater sofa, etc .

5. Requirements to 3D models 

   5.1 100% of all the elements of the model must be created by you; 
   5.2 Archive weight up to 100 mb;
   5.3 Weight thumbs up 1 mb;
   5.4 For models made in versions older than 2009, be sure to put a copy of the FBX format or OBJ;
   5.5 Correct and proper wire grid of 3D model; 
   5.6 Attractive and distinct thumbs;
   5.7 The lack of garbage: excess geometry, cameras, lights, helpers, Particle, etc.
   5.8 The relevance;
   5.9 Availability of materials and textures;
   5.10 The models, made in student MAX versions are not accepted, they don’t have commercial future. By installing the software, you agree with the rules of Autodesk.

6. Recommendations for uploading models

   6.1 The manufacturer, part number and description - will be an advantage in the selection of models;
   6.2 Save the model in oldest version of 3ds max, for example, for 2016 it will be a 2013 version; 
   6.3 Name of materials, textures, elements of the model, all the textures paths to model and folder names - in English;
   6.4 The textures, materials, elements names of the model should be named with logical names in English. Names like 1, 2, 3 are not accepted;
   6.5 Save the textures in one folder; 
   6.6 Before exporting ungroup all objects;
   6.7 Fill the expired tags; 
   6.8 Place the model in zero coordinates, without turning on the axis;
   6.9 One of previews – wire grid;
   6.10 Scene must be in millimeters.

7. Additional requirements

   7.1 Every author who has at least one Pro-model, should fill the details in “ Wallet “.

Pro model is sold by the piece

1 pro for $ 7

You can download it when it suits you

Purchase are stored in your purchase history in your profile

You can download your purchase again, it's free

Free models sold by subscription

30 free models per day for month = 900 free models for $18

The counter is updated in 0:00 Moscow (+3 GMT)

Are not stored in your purchase history

"OM" (Official 3d Model) - 3d model, texture or material created by a furniture manufacturer (light, plumbing, etc.) for free distribution and free download on 3dsky

The model must be loaded with a note OM in the title and a full description (manufacturer, name, dimensions, website, source, etc.)

For producers: Placing your content for free. You can place your logo in the lower left corner of the preview (small size) In the description, you can place contacts, prices and any information that you think is useful to the designer.