How is the author's percentage calculated?

The User first buys access on and, after that User spends these accesses on downloading PRO models.

At the time of downloading the model, access is deducted from User's account, while the author is charged a percentage of the cost of this access.

  • If access is purchased on - this is a percentage of $7
  • If access is purchased on, this is a percentage of 195₽ (from February 1, 2024)

How is the author's balance accounted for?

Now all accounting is conducted in Russian rubles.

If the purchase was made on, then the amount in dollars will be converted into rubles at the MICEX exchange rate on the day of purchase.

For example:

The User has downloaded the PRO model, while using access. The cost of access was $7. The ruble exchange rate at the time of download was 80 rubles for $1. Therefore, first there will be a conversion into rubles $7 x 80₽ = 560₽, after that the Author's percentage of the amount of 560₽ will be calculated. And the already received amount in rubles will be credited to the author's balance and displayed in the personal account.

Why can the amount of royalties be lower than the declared percentage?

User's balance may have accesses that were purchased a long time ago at lower prices in the past.

If a PRO model is downloaded for such access, then the author will receive a percentage of the previous lower cost of access.

For example:

The User has bought access in 2020 on, when the price of one access was 150₽. In 2021, the cost of access was increased to 175₽. The User has spent the access purchased in 2020 only in 2022. The author's percentage will be calculated relative to the amount of 150₽.

How is the percentage of royalties determined?

The minimum amount of royalties, considering the costs of the service, is 40% of the cost of the model.

Depending on the total number of sales on both sites and, the author receives the corresponding badge and the percentage of royalties is determined.

(!) Upon reaching the next level, the author's percentage increases at 00:00 UTC+3 of the next day.

Sales rating scale: