This Instruction has been created for our users and should help to save the time of preparation and uploading models into database.

Look at the Example of proper Preview:


Preview size should be minimum 640px. The Preview form should be squared

1. Uninformative View.


2.  The small Model Size relative to the total area of the Preview.


3. Missing Materials.


4. The Model offset from Center of the Preview.


5. Exotic View.


6. Model merges with the Background ( better to keep white, black, or grey – depends of model color ).


7. Patterned Background.


8. Overexposure.


9. Underexposure.


10. Extra Objects on Preview


11. Preview Disproportion.


12. Keep approximately 5% of empty space on Preview.


13. This is how the proper File Scene looks.


14. This is how improper File Scene looks ( helpers, cameras, lights and other extra objects, except model )


If your MAX Version higher than 2009 be sure, that Export Files FBX or OBJ is included in the Archive.

Use our rendering studio

Thank you for Attention.
3dsky Administration.